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MCI Worldcom Fuels The New Digital Economy

A Company Born in The Digital Age Personifies “Generation D” Identity
Through its People, Connections And Services

Staking its claim as the preeminent communications company for the
digital generation, MCI WorldCom today announced a major initiative to
build upon its industry leadership in advanced global data and Internet
services. President and CEO Bernard J. Ebbers unveiled the new
vision and plans for the future of the company recently:

“MCI WorldCom is fundamentally shifting its corporate strategy, business
initiatives, product focus and sales practices to expand its leadership
position beyond high-growth, high- speed data and Internet services. The
company is announcing a sweeping initiative to extend the network and
transport services MCI WorldCom is so well known for to include a broad
range of value added services to facilitate e-commerce and e-business.”

The move leverages MCI WorldCom’s existing strengths in its extensive
global network assets, vast resources and experience in data
communications and Internet operations, as well as 77 000 employees
worldwide. This shift aptly positions the company as the communications
industry leader enabling the new
data-centric economy.

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Tech & Science

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