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NBA Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins to Boston Celtics?

The Boston Celtics could have four picks in the first round of next years NBA Draft and that has led to speculation of a possible trade or two as general manager Dany Ainge looks to make the team a top contender in the East.

With the troubles in Northern California, reports have Cousins and head coach George Karl at odds for the last few months. A move now could help the Kings add the players they need to turn things around.

Bleacher Report writer Adam Fromal has suggested the two sides get together and make a trade happen before the season gets much older. Ainge is looking to add All Star quality players to the roster in “Bean Town” and using a couple draft picks and possibly another young player already on their roster could be just the move this franchise needs to compete with the likes of Cleveland, Atlanta, and Toronto for the best record in the conference.

The former first round draft pick from Kentucky is averaging a career high 26.7 points, despite playing just over 30 minutes per game for the Kings this season. The big man is also averaging nearly 12 rebounds per contest and would be a terrific asset for a Boston squad that needs a star player.

Four picks next year is a nightmare financially for the Celtics, especially with the young roster they already have in place. Spending millions on players that might see limited playing time isn’t ideal and that makes this trade even more feasible

The Kings could use two or three early picks in next years NBA Draft to add some much-needed depth in the paint and perhaps a new point guard as the Rajon Rondo experiment isn’t working.

It’s not often a trade would actually benefit both teams, but this deal could make both teams significantly better and finally give the fans in ‘NoCal’ some reason for optimism as the team would be loaded with some terrific young players.

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