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Why Buy an External Hard Drive the Subject of New Irvine Laptop Data Recovery Company Blog

Irvine, Ca-based Hard Drive Recovery Associates has just announced that it has added a new blog to its website. The title of this blog is ‘Why Buy an External Hard Drive In 2021?’. It’s a blog that states that in this day and age people’s lives center around computers, smartphones, and other smart devices. As part of this process, it mentions that users tend to create and store many important photos, videos, music, and other data. An external hard drive is not only a recyclable option, it also provides a safe and reliable means to backup and store the important data that’s collected by these devices.

Jack Edwards, A spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Associates, says, “Although we don’t always admit it, these days there are very few times we are not around a computer or smart device and along with that we are constantly storing many different forms of data on them. The problem is, the storage components on these devices are not always reliable, and sometimes that leads to valuable data being lost. One of the best ways to reduce the chances of lost storage data and prevent other hard drive mishaps is to back up that information on an external hard drive. We felt this subject was important enough to post a new blog article about it.”

This new Hard Drive Recovery Associates blog also discussed other reasons why backing up the data on one’s computer is not only a good idea but highly recommended. It stated that backing up data can also reduce the damage and cost of criminal cyber attacks such as those that install ransomware on a computer. The blog even gave an example of this very thing. This example talked about how a computer user named Kevin clicked on an unknown link that led to a ransomware attack. Because he did not have his valuable data backed up on an external drive, he had no choice but to pay the $2400 ransom fee to keep it from being lost. It also brought up how storing data on external hard drives are among the safest means of data storage because these devices are not directly connected to the internet. They can also be used to free up the sometimes-limited storage space on computers and mobile phones. The blog wrapped up by mentioning that there is now even a World Backup Day because this computer task is so important and gave a final sad example of how a couple lost all of their twin sons’ first-year photos because of a hard drive failure without a backup ever being done.

Edwards went on to say that if someone in Irvine suffers a hard drive failure and that data was not backed up on an external hard drive, all is not lost. That’s because they are a company that has a reputation for being able to recover data from just about any defective hard drive. He stated that they realize that when a hard drive fails, this often causes stress, panic, and worry, but they have had great success recovering most if not all the data from a non-operational hard drive. They have developed many different hard drive recovery solutions over time that can give those computer users that have suffered a hard drive malfunction their peace of mind back. Hard Drive Recovery Associates specializes in external drive and laptop recoveries, Server and RAID data recovery solutions, and they can even perform Mac data recovery tasks.

Those that have suffered hard drive failures and have used this company’s data recovery services have been very satisfied with the results. Reynaldo Holloway stated, “I really had no idea that SSD data recovery was even a thing, but I was lucky to have found Hard Drive Recovery Associates. Louis was very helpful and walked me through the data recovery process quickly and easily. The whole thing was finished fast and the price was just right. Thanks again!” Leticia Morrison proclaimed, “I called Hard Drive Recovery Associates after my son accidentally nudged my laptop off the table, making it pretty much useless. Unfortunately, I had tons of baby pictures and other super important memories, and I wasn’t willing to give them up! Louis was my data recovery engineer, and I am eternally grateful for his help during what was a pretty scary time. I’m not sure that laptop data recovery could be any easier than this! Would definitely recommend them!”

Irvine, California computer users that have suffered a hard drive failure and need help can reach Hard Drive Recovery Associates by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form on their website.


For more information about Hard Drive Recovery Associates, contact the company here:

Hard Drive Recovery Associates
Jack Edwards
(949) 258-9465
12 Mauchly #7
Irvine, CA

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