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Silicon Valley Startup Has Quietly Solved Corrective Eyewear’s Biggest Problem

Slimmer and More Durable Than Any Other Pair of Reading Glasses, ThinOptics’ Real Stars Are Their Versatile Cases

Silicon Valley, CA – October 10, 2022 – From large tech conventions like CES to simple dinner parties with friends, first adopters of cutting edge tech have been advocates of ThinOptics’ remarkably slim reading glasses since 2015 — proudly showing off an armless pair of reading glasses that magically appear from their smartphones or keychains.

Conveniently available at a moment’s notice, these feather-light reading glasses flexibly grip onto the bridge of anyone’s nose, and just as easily disappear back into their nondescript case until the next time they’re needed.

In only seven years on the market, ThinOptics’ award-winning design team has developed the world’s thinnest reading glasses and the field’s most game-changing cases. In an industry notorious for a lack of innovation, ThinOptics’ engineering-centric approach has made clear vision more accessible, reliable and convenient for everyone.

“At ThinOptics, our mission is to deliver the slimmest, easiest to wear & carry eyewear in the world,” says ThinOptics CEO Gadi Ponte. “We identified a universal problem in the market and solved it by giving you a way to conveniently store your readers in super slim, durable cases that integrate into items you’re already carrying — like your cell phone or keys. At ThinOptics, our focus is on giving you a solution that you’ll barely notice until the moment you need it.”

Indeed, ThinOptics’ Readers + Universal Pod and Readers + Keychain Case are barely noticeable. The former typically sticks to the back of users’ smartphones – adding a minuscule 3/16ths of an inch thickness – while the latter simply exists as a classic keychain.

Designed for modern, active lifestyles, the gender neutral ThinOptics Readers + Universal Pod and Readers + Keychain Case come in any combination of six frame colors and four diopter strengths (+1.0, +1.5, +2.0, and +2.5), while their accompanying case solutions are finished in a classic black matte.

The Readers + Universal Pod are available for purchase starting at $24.95, while the Readers + Keychain Case starts at $29.95. For more information or to purchase ThinOptics® reading glasses, sunglasses, or other eyewear, please visit

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