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Revealed: Epic Media Europe is set to be the London’s fastest growing digital marketing agency

When you stop thinking about it, it’s incredible how much marketing has evolved in 10 to 15 years. Historically, “ads” were printed, shown, aired, or sent, and marketers hoped something would stick. Sure, there is research that states how to effectively reach a specific demographic (for example, which channels to advertise on and when), but there’s no need for guessing these days.

Ads can now be hyper-targeted to your sales prospects with far higher effectiveness than in the past, thanks to search engines, social media, and the public’s willingness to disclose comprehensive personal information.

However, this creates additional issues for organizations that aren’t marketing innovative and rely on others to manage lead generation for them. Many organizations promise the moon and demand exorbitant fees for marketing, with clients receiving little or nothing in return.

These consumers are frequently stuck into long-term contracts, which means they continue to pay month after month (or year after year) with unsatisfactory outcomes.This is how experts determined that one guaranteed approach to keep customers satisfied and develop new business was to offer a service in which clients only pay for the leads generated.

This is known as “pay for performance (P4P)” marketing, which guarantees results. If the agency fails to deliver on promises, the client will not pay. It’s an incentive for agencies to produce results for their clients.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t anticipate the same while looking for a new agency. Make performance a condition of the deal. If the organizations on your shortlist cannot do so, you should reconsider employing them. An agency that refuses to offer P4P probably lacks confidence in its talents and generates very little new business.

Keep in mind that there are various limitations based on how much your agency will manage. If you intend on hiring a full-service marketing agency to handle all of your marketing (logo design, writing and filming advertising, print ads, etc.), those fees will be separate. However, for the sake of this post, we’ll suppose you’re seeking a different firm that specializes just in lead generation/ecommerce sales and one that ensures success.

This is where Epic Media comes in, London’s fastest growing digital marketing agency with a pay-on-success guarantee.

Epic Media works on a pay-on-success basis. This means that clients only pay based on the revenue that the agency helps them generate through direct adverts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Amazon PPC.

They started working with brick-and-mortar stores in 2019, and they were selling 1,000 retainers. Unfortunately, they weren’t seeing the growth they wanted. And at the height of the pandemic, they lost 85% of their client bookings overnight.

When eCommerce boomed in 2020, the founders of Epic Media strategically pivoted toward this industry and struck gold. Since 2021, they’ve seen over 270% growth in revenue and have expanded their clientele from purely brick and mortar stores to e-commerce with great success. They’ve served over 600 clients and have grown from a 2-man team in 2021 to a 13-man squad in 2022.

One of the clients that have greatly benefited from Epic Media’s adverts is TransferMyBills, for which they’ve run Google PPC campaigns and Facebook Ads since 2020. Through efficient digital marketing strategies, they’ve helped generate nearly 3000 of TransferMyBills’ customers with a massive markup. Epic Media has also been making a significant impact on various businesses.

If you’re searching for a lead-generating firm, consider choosing one that provides pay-on-success, where it’s a win-win situation for the agency and the customer. Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract qualified clientele.

Some firms may spend thousands of dollars on marketing only to discover that they are losing money in the long term. Even if companies get traction with their advertisements, it is hard to ensure that campaigns reach potential customers.

The most significant advantage of working with Epic Media is simplifying corporate marketing. When you engage with their agency, you lessen the financial risk of traditional marketing while also estimating the amount of revenue you can expect.

With Epic Media, you can get the most bang for your buck because you only pay when you get results. This guarantee is a tried-and-true strategy for producing revenue while minimizing financial risk.

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