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OpenStream World Added New Backers: Angel Investor, Anndy Lian is One of them

Hanoi, 4th Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Anndy Lian has invested in startup tech company, OpenStream World (OSW), joining the other backers and partners into their ecosystem to help their business grow. MG Ventures, Crypto Pros, Crypto Xenos and were the newly added partners. Anndy Lian, a blockchain thought leader and investor based in Singapore has also formally announced that he has angel invested into the company at this early stage. There will be other investors annouced in the later stages.

“The journey to building our ecosystem is not easy. I am delighted to have early backers and partners involved in our startup at this current moment. We will continue to invite more partners to join our ecosystem so to build our platform in the right direction for the global target audiences.” Y Tran, Co-Founder and COO of OpenStream World said.

“The OSW founders took a different approach to share their ideas with me. They first helped to manage our Discord servers for BigONE Exchange and Asia Blockchain Community. Then they showed us how their technology is useful in the various social media. Their selling points become very obvious after showcasing to us live. This is also one of the reasons why I have decided to be their angel investor.” Anndy Lian commented.

Anndy Lian is known in the space as an early adoptor and have given advices to various governments. He is currently the Chairman for Asia at BigONE Exchange and Chief Digital Advisor at Mongolia’s national productity statutory board. He is also a book author, keynote speaker and investor.

OpenStream World is a decentralized video streaming network; built to enable scalable, easy to host, interactive online events. Tran added: “Over the past few years, the world has seen a proliferation of smartphone users, which has dramatically changed the way we produce and consume digital content. People have taken up the role of content “producer”, from recording/live streaming events, such as concerts and film festivals, to video blogs, e.g., travel, tutorial, product review, and live gaming video streaming.

Limited by the shortcomings of traditional platforms, which fail to reward the content creator and viewers adequately, we have seen in recent years the rise of platforms that reward content producers and in some cases also the viewers, leading to a win-win environment for both content producer and viewer. One of the much-anticipated use cases for blockchain-based video streaming platforms is indeed in the domain of live streaming and gaming/eSports.

Some of the major prospective advantages offered by blockchain-based video streaming applications include empowering creators and artists, blockchain-based CDNs, privacy and piracy protection, and energy-saving. Partnerships are very important at this stage of the business. We appreciate all the support we can get.”

OSW is a system that includes many products related to streaming technology and video streaming networks. The core components include:

  1. OpenStream Core: this is a platform built on blockchain, providing livestream services under the IAAS model (Infrastructure As A Service – Providing hardware infrastructure as a service).  All other products in the ecosystem will use the livestream technology from this Core set.
  2. Stream Node Forger: provides hardware resources for OpenStream Core, needs a network of Nodes from all over the world: install programs, implement transcoding algorithms for live streams. In return, the owners of the Nodes will be rewarded with tokens from the project.
  3. OpenStream Apps: This is a live streaming application that inherits the infrastructure from OpenStream Core and develops the main functions to create interaction between the livestreamer and the viewer.  In addition, you can share videos to other platforms at the same time
  4. NFT Marketplace: more than an exchange of NFT products, this is where digital product owners can promote their products.
  5. IOSO (Initial Open Stream Offering): this is a new funding mechanism for blockchain projects, it inherits some properties of the IndieGoGo fundraising platform and limits the negatives in other forms of fundraising (ICO such as ICO, etc.).

Openstream World is developed by a team with rich experience in both technology and Blockchain. They have more than 3 years of experiences in developing projects related to livestreaming and the blockchain payment mechanism, serving hundreds of thousands of users. In addition, they have members who have managed large projects such as Safemoon, and Yooshi. To date, they have more than 100,000 community members. The company is led by Founder and CTO Khoa Trinh, a graduate from HCMC University of Technology with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and was working for LienViet Post Bank before starting OpenStream World and Co-Founder Y Tran who held many important positions such as Business Analyst, Project Manager in domestic and foreign companies.

OpenStream World will continue to work towards its goal to grow its footprints in the international markets with its decentralized technologies.

About OpenStream World

OpenStream World is a decentralized video streaming network; built to enable scalable, easy to host, interactive online events. Through the power of open source software, we optimize the use of resources like computational power and bandwidth, and use crypto-economic incentives for bootstrapping and participation; there is an opportunity here to deliver an infrastructure that can power video streaming applications at a highly efficient price, and infinite scale.

Media Contacts

Company: OpenStream World

Name: Khoa Trinh

Title: Founder/ CTO



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