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OMNI AAA Offers Probiotics Powder That Boosts Immune System

Each Pack Of The Health Company’s New Product Is Promised To Contain 10 Billion Probiotics.

As the world slowly returns to normalcy after two years of a global pandemic, it has become much more important to maintain health and boost body immunity.

That, at least, was the thinking of those behind health supplement company OMNI AAA Group, as they launched its newest product: OMNI Probiotic. This latest addition to the company’s wide range of products is a colostrum milk powder that, according to OMNI’s website, contains 10 billion probiotics per pack. In addition, OMNI Probiotic is also said to contain VitaD yeast, a natural and vegetarian sourced vitamin D, and uses bovine colostrum made by the reputed APS BioGroup.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are intended to have health benefits when consumed. Specifically, they keep one’s digestive tract healthy. They help prevent illnesses like diarrhea and regulate innate and adaptive immune responses of the body – in short, they provide a boost to one’s immune system.

Even with the high number of probiotics, what might be more notable about OMNI Probiotics is how it makes sure the probiotics actually reach one’s gut. As nourishing as they can be for the body, their journey to the intestines can be rough: As high as 88% of the probiotics human beings digest don’t survive the stomach, according to a 2014 study (Gaisford, S., & Fredua-Agyeman, M.) Because of this, probiotics are typically embedded inside or coated with a layer of food-grade materials that act as molecular-sized shields.

For OMNI Probiotic, however, one shield isn’t enough. According to the team, they use a matrix double-layer embedding technology that covers the probiotics with two layers of protection instead of the usual one. Because of this, the bacteria’s survival rate is reportedly higher, and much more probiotics reach the intestinal tract.

“As a result of the pandemic, my wife and I wanted our daughters to make a habit of drinking probiotics every day,” said David Ngui, a resident of Singapore. “But we’re very picky about which one we will give them because we know that sometimes, the probiotics don’t really work. With OMNI Probiotic though, we feel more confident that our daughters are really getting the probiotics they need.”

David is only one of many who, because of the pandemic, are trying to live healthier lives to protect themselves and their loved ones from illnesses. Knowing how probiotics work to better the immune system, investing in OMNI Probiotic certainly seems like a good way to start.

More information on OMNI Probiotic and other OMNI AAA Group products is available on the company’s website at

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