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NFTBOOKS is a great project to publish e-books on Blockchain

It is not an exaggeration to say that NFT (Non-fungible Token) is the ” hot trending ” of 2021. From images, music to all other forms of digital art, take advantage of this craze. And NFTBOOKS can be said to be the first steps of the e-book publishing industry into the market of digital files that are bought and sold online.

In many parts of the world, especially poor countries, access to books and knowledge in all areas of life is often much lower than in developed countries and territories in the world. It’s no exaggeration to say that books have become “above the ordinary, below the luxuries” – something that will be added to the carts of wealthy families and excluded from their monthly shopping needs. Even families with difficult economic circumstances every year.

Taking advantage of today’s rapidly developing blockchain technology, NFTBOOKS is a humane project when building a platform to publish each book in the form of NFT, with the goal of bringing copyrighted books at a reasonable cost. more to book lovers around the world. NFTBOOKS has laid the first bricks of the e-book publishing industry applying blockchain technology.


Sharing about this project, the founders made no secret of their ambition to be brought to a platform for authors to self-publish books on the blockchain platform, directly reaching book readers, eliminating all the clutter, intermediary process, as well as contribute to reducing book prices so that readers can access copyrighted books at the cheapest cost. In particular, NFT on blockchain will help almost eliminate 99.9% of book piracy that is very common today. The NFTBOOKS project itself will bring profits not only to the author or publisher of the book like the real world, but it will be an ecosystem for a lot of people.

Authors: who will be able to self-publish his book as an NFT on the blockchain – the books will not have a “piracy version”, and the “owner” will be able to directly bring the work to the reader without needing to through an intermediary channel.

Readers: can buy books directly from the author at the cheapest cost on the platform, or can rent books from renters at extremely low cost.

Translators: If readers want to read foreign works but encounter language barriers, translators on the platform will help them do it. With each book translated into the local language, profits will be deducted back to the author.

Book Renters: These are people who buy books back from the author and then rent those books back in NFT form. Profit from book rental will be deducted % back to the author.

Investors: These are the people who, after investing to buy books from limited release authors, can become renters for profit or can store the books in NFT form (if the author issuer is famous and limited release) the value will increase more and more. Investors can also invest and buy back NFTBS tokens used to pay for book sales, issuance and rental transactions on the NFTBOOKS platform.

At the present time, the idea of releasing NFT e-books through blockchain technology of the NFTBOOKS project is unique in the crypto world. The inclusion of book renters in the project’s ecosystem with roles that will develop as personal libraries is also a differentiating feature.

It can be said that the idea of spending money, even a lot of money just to buy a book to read and ponder will be “ridiculous” to many people. But being able to read the pages of copyrighted books at a reasonable price is what every bookworm wants.

In particular, the project’s goal is to help book lovers around the world, especially people in poor countries, have more conditions to have access to books of various genres, thereby improving the quality of life. improve knowledge, improve material and spiritual life. And only learning can change their lives. It can be said that this is the human value and long-term benefit that NFTBOOKS brings to the community – something that not every project can do.

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