Self-Powered Remote Patient Monitoring Smart Insoles Announced By INVIZA Health

Published April 1, 2023

The INVIZA(R) Sole 1.0 is a self-charging, medical-grade wearable device that is designed as a thin insole that can be worn within most kinds of shoes. When paired with the companion INVIZA Care 1.0 digital health smartphone app, the INVIZA Sole 1.0's sensors can provide health and movement data on the wearer's vital signs, daily physical activity, and more.

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The announcement comes as the development of America's healthcare system reaches a critical juncture. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), the use of electronic devices to record health data in one location that is reviewed by a provider in another, is becoming "a key component of the nation's rapidly evolving healthcare system", says INVIZA's Founder and CEO, Dr. Robert Andosca. RPM provides patients with greater access to healthcare, and also has the potential to greatly reduce hospital emergency department visits and post-acute hospital care readmissions.

The INVIZA(R) Sole 1.0 is among the latest innovations in INVIZA's line of wearable medical-grade RPM technology. Designed to be an insole that can fit comfortably into a wearer's shoe, the INVIZA Sole 1.0's built-in sensors can accurately measure the patient's heart rate, body temperature, % blood oxygen saturation "SpO2", and other critical parameters in real time, on the go, and uninterrupted by running out of battery power. It can also provide data on daily physical activity, including accurate step count and type (e.g., sitting, walking, running, and more), and a patent-pending feature to calculate body weight trends is also in development. This data is then sent to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliant INVIZA Cloud and INVIZA Portal 1.0 cloud dashboard for monitoring by licensed medical professionals, and to the INVIZA Care 1.0, a complementary smartphone app that allows users to view their biometrics in real time and graphically.

Using advanced energy harvesting technology, the INVIZA(R) Sole 1.0 scavenges mechanical energy from steps, allowing it to recharge as the wearer walks, runs, exercises and more. The smart insole's medical-grade sensors are also sensitive enough to accurately detect vital signs noninvasively through socks, ensuring that wearers don't have to sacrifice comfort for the device.

The INVIZA(R) Sole 1.0 also has digital therapeutic (DTx) features, such as balance measurement, motion and fall detection. In addition, built-in GPS tracking can help find loved ones with Alzheimer's disease who wander and get lost. Other than being used to monitor a patient's health remotely, it can also be used by the military to track the health and readiness of warfighters.

Beta testing is ongoing, and INVIZA(R) Health is still accepting B2B partners to test their RPM/DTx products. Interested parties can learn more by visiting

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