Ventura Sedation Dentistry General Anesthesia For Tooth Decay Expanded

Published March 9, 2023

Anacapa Dental Art Institute has expanded its sedation dentistry options for clients in or near Calabasas, allowing them to receive either gentle oral sedation for mild operations or general anesthesia for major surgeries.

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By offering a sedation option to their clients, Anacapa Dental Art Institute helps to create a relaxing, painless, and gentle experience for even the most complex dental operations. Though most clients report that oral sedation suffices to make a dental visit painless and calming, general anesthesia is also an option, which allows clients to fall asleep before their dental work, and wake up when it is complete.

When taking an oral sedative, clients should plan to show up early for their appointment to allow the medication time to work. After the sedative has taken effect, clients most often report feeling as if they are in a calming, "dream-like" state, where they are aware of what is happening around them, but not in pain, and not concerned.

While this strategy is often used to help clients who have a fear of the dentist, it is also a popular technique for individuals with lengthy procedures scheduled. The effects of the sedation last long enough that they are often used to make extensive dental repairs, long visits, and complex procedures more comfortable for the client.

Though oral sedation is sufficient for most clients, Anacapa Dental Art Institute also offers general anesthesia, which will allow individuals to sleep through their entire procedure. While this option is available to most clients, it is more commonly used for intensive dental work, such as surgical wisdom tooth extractions, and for clients with extreme phobias.

With the expanded options, clients can request mild sedation for nearly any procedure, including cosmetic dentistry repairs and regular check-ups or cleanings. Individuals interested in either oral sedatives or general anesthesia should speak to a professional at the Anacapa Dental Art Institute before their appointment.

One satisfied client explained, "I was referred to Dr. Jivraj for implant dentistry by my regular dentist. He is exceptional. I received great service, and the staff are friendly and professional. This dental office is by far one of the nicest and cleanest offices I've seen. I highly recommend Anacapa Dental Art Institute."

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