Nicosia Dental Center Shares Insight On Dental Implants

Published March 16, 2023

The Cyprus based Symeou Dental Center is taking steps to inform patients about dental implants and how these procedures can significantly improve their quality of life. While many might be put off by the term ‘implants,’ the Center assures that modern dentistry has resulted in a minimally invasive process with far-reaching advantages. Interested parties may call the dental office directly to learn more.

A number of issues may be resolved by an appropriate dental implant, most of which (if not all) were once addressed to some extent by dentures. Where dentures came with significant and life-altering drawbacks, however, a dental implant can provide virtually identical functionality to a natural tooth — or even a set of teeth. They are made of tough materials that will typically last several years, during which the patient will only have to care for them as they would their regular teeth.

Patients may find their dentist recommending a dental implant in a variety of situations, such as when they have a severely cracked, broken or even missing tooth where too little of the natural structure can be salvaged. If the tooth cannot be saved, the patient’s only recourse may be to obtain an implant. Similarly, those who have missing teeth, or dentures, for a long period may begin to experience bone loss in their jaw. Without proper stimulation, the jaw bone tissue will begin to deteriorate, but this is not an issue if the patient has dental implants.

Dentures, the Center explains, may fix the patient’s appearance to a certain degree, but they are only superficially attached to the mouth. During dental implant surgery, a dentist will expose the bone below the gums, and holes will be drilled into it. A dental implant metal post will be placed here, and it is implanted deep enough to remain secure as the patient goes about their daily routine. Dental implants are made out of biocompatible titanium, an incredibly strong material that typically integrates well with the body. This contact with the bone leads to a process known as osseointegration, whereby the jawbone fuses with the implant.

Once the implant is complete, the patient’s natural jaw movements (such as speaking, chewing and so on), will provide further stimulation to its bone structure. This is what causes it to constantly regenerate over the implant’s lifetime, maintaining the patient’s facial shape where they might otherwise have gained a more sunken appearance.

Dentures also have a reputation for being difficult and irritating to deal with, slipping about inside the mouth and even falling out on occasion. Dental implants produce no such effects, and the Symeou Dental Center confirms that they will feel and behave in the same manner as the patient’s actual teeth. They are also much more reliable, and there is no restriction on what type of food the patient can eat or chew.

Implant placement, the Center assures, is quick and painless, and it will not impact the patient’s lifestyle, but they should be aware of the full scope of a typical procedure. Before their dental implant procedure, for instance, a patient will be required to undergo a comprehensive dental exam. Dental X-rays, models of their teeth and jaw and so on may be made, depending on their needs. The Center will also review the patient’s entire medical history to ensure pre-existing conditions or any medications they may be taking will be accounted for, and a treatment plan will be created for their specific needs.

Symeou Dental Center offers implant placement, implant restoration, bone augmentation for successful implantation and more, depending on a patient’s individual requirements. Once a procedure is complete, the patient may also be encouraged to adopt certain habits to maintain their implants. In addition to practicing good oral hygiene (which everyone should do whether or not they have dental implants), they should avoid attempting to chew anything too hard as this may damage both the implanted tooth as well as natural teeth. They should also schedule dental check-ups with the Center on a regular basis to ensure their implants are functioning as intended.

Symeou Dental Center invites everyone to get in touch if they want to learn more about dental implants. Similarly, consultations can be scheduled if anyone wishes to discuss their dental health at length with a member of the Center’s experienced staff.


For more information about Symeou Dental Center, contact the company here:

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