Herpes Dating Website Meet Positives Discusses Genital Herpes Screening Recommendations From the USPSTF

Published March 15, 2023
Chicago, Illinois -

Meet Positives, the #1 dating website for people with herpes, is shining a light on the recent recommendations on genital herpes screening from the USPSTF.

The USPSTF (US Preventive Services Task Force), an independent panel of national experts focused on disease prevention and evidence-based medicine, has shared its findings on the efficacy of screening for genital herpes. In an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the USPSTF does not recommend screening for genital herpes as the risks outweigh the potential benefits.

Genital herpes screening requires a blood test that detects the antibodies formed, by the body’s immune system, in response to the herpes virus. Unlike other infections, earlier detection of the virus does not impact the long-term treatment of genital herpes. The absence of an effective treatment also means that, even if the virus is detected, there is not much the individual can do to change the course of the infection.

As a result, the USPSTF concluded, with moderate certainty given current evidence, that screening for genital herpes is not recommended in asymptomatic individuals. The recommendation applies to adults and adolescents, including pregnant individuals, who do not have symptoms of genital herpes, a known history of genital herpes infection or HIV infection, or other immune system problems.

In the JAMA article, the organization also noted that the potential for false positives in genital herpes screening can result “in unnecessary anxiety and disruption of relationships.” This sentiment echoes the core challenge that the Meet Positives herpes dating platform is trying to solve.

Meet Positives representative, Michael Task talks about the implications of the USPSTF’s recommendations by saying, “Society treats herpes and other similar STDs as an issue that has to be swept under the rug. From our conversations with our members, we have realized that this goes beyond just the physiological effects of contracting the virus. Carrying the herpes virus is almost seen as a sign of moral failure that cuts off a not insignificant portion of the population from finding companionship. Hardly anyone is willing to hear their stories or give them a voice. We urge everyone who has finished the screening and found out about their positive status to sign up for Meet Positives. You can find out more about living with herpes and find and talk to others who care.”

Meet Positives has over 20 years of trusted matchmaking experience, bringing together herpes-positive singles and giving them a chance to find someone who understands their pain. Since 2019, Meet Positives has been a standalone STD dating site that, unlike other STD communities, is not part of an affiliate network. Meet Positives firmly protects its users’ personal information, giving them a secure platform to open up and be vulnerable.

The Meet Positives algorithm matches people based on several criteria including disease, gender and gender preferences, and intent. Users can narrow their search based on location, STD/STI, and any of the aforementioned criteria that they are looking for in a partner. The site boasts hundreds of messages sent every hour among its user base which has a healthy gender split of 57% male and 43% women.

Meet Positives is indexed on all major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Google Play, and Apple Store, and is available in all major markets including, but not limited to, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and Russia. There is also a huge diversity in the user base as its members come from all walks of life and use the app in both rural areas and major cities.

“As the fastest growing STD dating website and app for STD singles that USA Today called “The New Face of STD Dating”,” Michael says, “you’re sure to find the right person for you.”


Readers who want to sign up for the platform voted #1 for herpes dating in the US can head over to the Meet Positives website or download its app from the Google Play Store.


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