Chicago’s Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Discusses the Benefits that Basement Remodeling Offers

Published January 26, 2023

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling has been helping with the remodeling needs of those in its Northwest Chicago, Illinois area for many years now. In that time, they have established a solid reputation when it comes to making the bathrooms and kitchens in a home more modern, functional, and better looking. But it’s one of this company’s lesser-known remodeling skills that is now gaining traction with those in its area. Its basement remodeling services have now become more popular than ever.

A spokesperson for Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Vince, talked about why more and more people are choosing to renovate or remodel their bathrooms. Vince stated, “One of the most often little-used spots in any home is its basement. It’s a space that seems to be mostly used for washing, storage of holiday items such as Christmas decorations, and the placement of many other seldom-used items. We here at Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling think those scenarios are a shame because there is so much that can be done with a basement that has been remodeled.”

The company spokesperson then went on to say that their experienced design team can do some amazing things with even a smaller-sized basement layout. Whether they are working with a big or small-sized basement, he mentioned that there are so many advantages that can be gained by remodeling it. The most significant of which is that a refinished basement can provide a low-cost solution to gain extra living space. For families that have outgrown existing homes, this can mean such things as having an area with additional bedrooms, a less centralized and noisy play area, extra space for offices and study rooms, and even a bigger space for the family to watch TV and do other forms of bonding.

The company’s design team can also help a homeowner create a newly remodeled basement that can be used for both extra useable living space and that becomes an improved storage space that is free from moisture, mold, cold, and other harmful conditions. He added that remodeled basements will even make a home more energy efficient because insulation is often placed on the walls during the project and finished floors take less effort to heat and cool than bare concrete does. It was also brought up by him that not only are basement remodels one of the least expensive ways to get extra useable living space, but they also usually offer a nice return on investment when someone goes to sell their home. Some people will even renovate their basements to provide a more private living space for an elderly parent or relative and others will even turn them into small apartments that generate monthly income.

Vince pointed out that they are always willing to meet with someone to look at their basement and give them some ideas as to how that homeowner can make that currently seldom-used space more functional for them. There is also a quote form on the Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling website that a customer can fill out and send in that will get the process started or alert the company’s staff that they would like more information for a potential basement remodeling project. A project that can make the lowest level in a home more beautiful, warm, and functional and provide a family with additional space to make memories for many years to come. Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling offers designs for both complete and partial basement remodeling projects.

The company spokesperson says that they bring the necessary experience that is required for these types of projects as they currently stand at over 350 basement remodeling contracts having been completed. They also only use premium quality supplies for each basement remodeling project they take on (see brand links here) and they have a very good reputation when it comes to standing behind the work that they do. Examples of the premier basement projects that Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling has done can be seen on its website along with more about how remodeling this area in a home improves its looks and functionality.


For more information about Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, contact the company here:

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
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