CBD Store Introduces Plano Enthusiasts To New Products

Published January 26, 2023

TX based Artisan Vapor & CBD is taking steps to help Plano customers explore the CBD world farther than ever before. Offering virtually every product an enthusiast could want in one location, the store makes it a point to help customers learn more about the items on display and why they might want to try something new.

The store’s impressive selection includes vape supplies, CBD products and smoke shop accessories. Artisan Vapor & CBD East Plano aims to make it as easy and convenient as possible for anyone to stock up on their favorite CBD product, no matter what that might be. Thanks to their expansive offerings, the store is now the preferred CBD and vape shop for many Plano residents.

“Artisan Vapor & CBD East Plano is an all-in-one local store that combines the best products and shopping experiences from a vape shop, CBD store and smoke shop into a brick and mortar store in Plano, Texas,” says Artisan Vapor & CBD. “With Artisan Vapor & CBD East Plano, you can find everything you need in one place. We carry a wide range of products. We want to make it easy for you to find the products you need, no matter what your needs may be. So we have organized our store by category, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Plus, our knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to help you out.”

Artisan is both a vape and CBD shop. The vape side of their business offers a wide selection of premium e-juices and hardware that meet the needs of every vape user. They offer everything from beginner products to advanced mods and tanks. Additionally, their staff is always on hand to answer any questions their customers may have about vaping.

The CBD store also has a large collection of Delta 8 products. At Artisan Vapor & CBD East Plano, they are passionate about helping people find and make use of alternative smoking methods. This includes helping them find the best ways to use Delta 8 products. Artisan’s staff can help customers find the right product for their unique, specific needs, regardless of whether their intention is to diverge from their usual products or if they simply wish to learn more about their options.

Artisan Vapor has grown into one of the largest vape retailers in the world since it was first founded in Texas in 2013. Their wide selection of vape and CBD products, combined with the friendly staff at all of their locations, make shopping at Artisan a pleasant experience for every one of their customers. Many of their customers have left excellent reviews online.

One customer says about their experience, “This place was amazing! I went to a few different shops before and pretty much get very apathetic people who mostly just want to get my money and get me out of their shop without really helping me. But coming here was my best experience yet! The two women here were very knowledgeable and open and honest about things. They helped my friend and I get whole new battery systems, tanks and let us try several different juices to make sure we picked the right ones. The tank is so cool, and they really helped us out a lot. Definitely coming back even though it's way out of the way for me (I live in Irving).”

Another reviewer says, “Called ahead, because after searching for a couple of hours for a very specific vape at other shops, I heard of this place — but it was three minutes before closing, and I was two minutes away. I know a lot of shops: Saturday night, a few minutes from closing, they're going to shut that door and lock it at 54 after and pretend they don't hear people knocking. But the attendant on the phone said, ‘Okay, sure!’ Wave of relief! I was in and out, but there's no way they knew for sure that I wouldn't spend an hour asking questions about a water pipe I've never heard of only to leave empty handed and say I'll have to think about it. I was treated well regardless of the burden I place on them. Thank you for your help, and sorry for being a last-minute walk in!”

Find out more about CBD in Plano on Artisan Vapor & CBD East Plano’s website. See more here: CBD Plano.


For more information about Artisan Vapor & CBD East Plano, contact the company here:

Artisan Vapor & CBD East Plano
Donald San
(972) 881-8273
908 E 15th St

Plano, TX 75074


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