Biotech Company Develops IPF Immune™ Dietary Supplement Which Supports the Body’s Natural Immune Function

Published February 16, 2023

Poll Shows Americans are More Health-Conscious

(PRUnderground) February 15th, 2023

With more than 70 percent of Americans focusing more on their health today, Enzolytics, Inc. is rolling out IPF Immune™, which promotes a healthy body by supporting normal immune function.

“Everyone is thinking about their health,” said Charles S. Cotropia, CEO of Enzolytics, Inc., a Texas-based biotech company. “That is not surprising after the past several years.

“People are turning to dietary supplements, especially ones that support the body’s self-defense system,” Mr. Cotropia added. “In this day and age, we cannot live without a functioning healthy immune system. Using IFP Immune™ is such a simple and effective way of supporting natural immune function — taking care of our health.”

A recent poll commissioned by Nutrisystem conducted by OnePoll shows that 71 percent of American adults 30 and older pay more attention to their health than they have in the past.

The poll also revealed:

  • 64 percent are more motivated to lose weight.
  • 61 percent realize that a healthy diet and lifestyle can benefit their long-term health.
  • 59 percent are focused on “returning to maintaining physical fitness and activity.”

“Now, you can combine these new attitudes with the initial data from the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s 2022 annual survey on dietary supplements, which shows 80 percent of American consumers are taking dietary supplements,” Mr. Cotropia said. “Consumers are making a strong statement about their priorities.

“People want to maintain their immune system, which is why they are turning to dietary supplements and alternative remedies,” Mr. Cotropia said, adding that IPF Immune™ is a gluten-free nutritional supplement taken orally two-consecutive days per week for eight-consecutive weeks.

“After the past several years, people want to give their immune system a boost,” said Harry H. Zhabilov, Enzolytics’ Chief Scientific Officer. “IPF Immune™ is an incredible, natural, proprietary formula backed by science.

“Be proactive today about your immune system and your health. Include IPF Immune™ in your health regimen,” he added.

Enzolytics is committed to developing effective and affordable therapeutics for treating a variety of conditions.

“We are working on a variety of therapies,” Mr. Zhabilov said. “IPF Immune™ is our first over-the-counter dietary supplement.”

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About Enzolytics, Inc.

Enzolytics Inc. is a Texas-based biotechnology company that focuses on therapeutics to treat numerous human health medical conditions. In addition to Enzolytics IPF Immune™, which will be on the U.S. market soon, the Company is developing other therapeutics for treating multiple infectious diseases.

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