Utah Divorce Attorney Firm, PLLC Moves Practice into Offices Near Farmington Courthouse

Published February 15, 2023

Davis County divorce law firm eases time demands for meetings and court appearances by moving to a renovated office building in central Davis County near the Farmington courthouse.

(PRUnderground) February 15th, 2023

The legal team at Utah Divorce Attorney Firm, PLLC has been helping Davis and Salt Lake City residents navigate challenging divorce proceedings for 12 years. Having been through a divorce of his own, Doug Anderson knows the challenges of divorcing are multifaceted. To streamline meetings with his team and appointments at the courthouse, The Utah Divorce Attorney Firm relocated to a renovated office building centrally-located in Davis County and near the courthouse.

Doug Anderson began his studies at the University of Utah, where he graduated in 2006, before attending law school at the University of Alabama. During law school, Anderson worked at a domestic violence clinic and became familiar with family and custody challenges faced by many individuals. After practicing civil litigation in Utah for two years, Anderson decided his true passion lay in being a family law specialist. With his vast knowledge of the legal system and understanding of the toll divorce takes on families, he is uniquely qualified to help families struggling through challenging divorces or separations.

“When a couple decides to divorce, every aspect of their life suddenly becomes more complex,” stated Doug Anderson, Managing Partner at Utah Divorce Attorney Firm, PLLC. “Parents often struggle to figure out how to juggle the kids, work, meeting with their lawyer, and their own personal needs. Moving the practice close to the courthouse will allow clients to combine trips and meetings, making the process much easier.”

Utah Divorce Attorney Firm’s new location is not only near the courthouse. It is only a short drive from Farmington Station for those using public transportation. For those driving from further away, it is only 20 minutes from Salt Lake City and located near the freeway. Regardless of the direction or method of transportation, the office is easily accessible.

“While our clients will appreciate the easy access to their legal team,” remarked Anderson, “this office space also gives our team a much-needed opportunity to expand. We plan to start a search for a skilled associate attorney who can join our growing divorce law firm. Divorce is a struggle for many Utah families, and we want to be available to help more of them achieve the best outcome possible for themselves and their children.”

To find out more about Doug Anderson and how he helps Utah residents navigate complex divorces, visit www.divorceattorneyut.com or call 801-245-0741.

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The Utah Divorce Attorney Firm, PLLC has extensive experience when it comes to divorce and family issues. They help and guide people through any of these complicated situations while keeping their best interests, from child custody to finances, in mind.

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