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New Flip This Risk® Book Series by Debut Publisher Promotes Diversity in Risk Management Thought Leadership

The book features top women in the security management field who provide unique insights about key business practices

Dec. 3, 2021 / PRZen / WASHINGTON — 62 Media Publishing, an independent, woman-owned publishing imprint releases the new book Flip This Risk® for Enterprise Security: Industry Experts Share Their Insights About Enterprise Security Management Risks for Organizations in paperback and ebook on November 15.

“This book represents a diversity of voices in an area that is underrepresented,” says Dr. Karen Hardy, founder and creator of the new Flip This Risk® Book series.  “The risk management profession needs to expand the number and variety of perspectives when it comes to building a body of literature that supports the field,” she explained.

Dr. Hardy is an award-winning author who has written and contributed to over 12 books (including three textbooks) in business, leadership and risk management, and has dedicated herself to the growth of the risk management industry. She is enthusiastic about forging ahead with this new mission. But despite her own success, she believes more can be done.

“When I say that we need to diversify the thought leadership in the risk management field, I am not only speaking to the need for gender diversity, but also in displaying subject-matter expertise and publishing that knowledge,” says Hardy.

Creating Opportunities

For Dr. Hardy, the goal of the Flip This Risk® Book series is to tackle both of these issues simultaneously, while also creating a platform where executives can engage in creative, written expression. “We are changing the way learning risk management is viewed. We are incorporating stories to help convey this critical expertise. This will also make the information more relatable,” she says.

Flip This Risk® for Enterprise Security features several women authors at the top of their professional game specifically in the security management field: Bridget Guerrero, Rachael Tovey, Barrie Burren, Candace McCabe, Daniella Bove LaMonica, Sonia Travi Knowles, RitaBeth Crague, and Sherry Tucci.

“Security management is one of many types of risk organizations encounter,” says Hardy. “The pandemic introduced both opportunities and challenges for the field. There has never been a better time to look to the industry’s thought leaders for insights, guidance, and clarity.”

Short, Snackable Learning

The book is delivered in 8 “snackable” chapters, a strategy that supports the brand’s goal of creating short, eco-friendly books that simplify complex topics. Highlights include

  • tips for enhancing your organization’s ability to be resilient when facing adversity;
  • key steps to business continuity planning;
  • a summary of essential roles for effective executive protection; and
  • a checklist for travel and security.

“This book is perfect for individual micro-learning and team training. You can literally read through the entire book without stopping in less than 90 minutes!” says Hardy.

Chapter 1 focuses on Enhancing Your Organization’s Resilience
Chapter 2 focuses on Business Continuity and Why It is Important
Chapter 3 provides insights on Executive Protection
Chapter 4 tackles the subject of Governance, Risk and Compliance
Chapter 5 dives into Risk and Resilience
Chapter 6 discusses the importance of Global Monitoring and Response
Chapter 7 highlights the importance of Travel and Event Security
Chapter 8 rounds out the book with Conversations with Leaders and Developing a Strategic Mindset

You can purchase the book here on Amazon.
You can listen to upcoming podcast interviews with the authors here.
Instagram: @flipthisriskbooks

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