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MetFX: What Dreams May Become

MetFX: What Dreams May Become
“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

Across the horizon, the metallic body of a car gleams at the light of the dying day. Its contours are soft, bearing no trace of the old industrial world. Its resplendent dark finish almost hides it from the eyes of those who look on from the ground as night settles into the city. From afar, multitudes of other vehicles enjoy the freedom of the air, alongside friendly dragons whose majestic wings spread into the neon-splashed night—all removed from the former hustle and bustle of the cesspool that was the modern world. With buildings of glass, metal, and neon shooting into the heavens, this new and better world is framed as what future dreams are made of. 

This whole new world is yours for the taking. 

This is MetFX.

MetFX: No Competition

A metaverse that has no competition, MetFX soars into the scene with its unique offering of a full 3D movie-going experience at the comfort of its users’ home. Its captivating digital environment thrives with public showings of the latest blockbusters and real estate that users can buy to build their own screening rooms. The income avenues are limitless through MetFX’s in-bound Play-to-Earn games and its provision for users to create, list, buy, and sell NFT avatars, accessories, structures, and equipment through the NFT marketplace. Creators and artists are open to earning royalties from the sales of their NFT assets.

While still at its infancy, MetFX’s developers have ascertained its potential for further development, eventually expanding its services to include cutting edge AR and VR technology. As these are being undertaken behind the scenes, MetFX’s marketing arm is whipping up sure-fire ways to attract and reach out to a wider audience. Suffice it to say, everything that the marketing team has in store is more than what you can expect from a metaverse.

Accessible across all platforms, the MetFX app may be downloaded to all types of mobile devices and even to one’s personal computer.

Impresses Even Before Launch

MetFX is set to impress with a whopping 50,000 active participants upon its launch. And with the way things are looking now, that number is primed to increase. MetFX had participated in multiple IDOs, allowing the exposure it is due as it raises the funds that it needs to take it off the ground.

A Team Geared for Success

Fully-doxxed, MetFX’s team leaves no room for unease and suspicion when it comes to its founders and movers. A team of talented and skilled professionals, MetFX’s team is assured of success in this widely-anticipated project launch. Get to know each one of them by visiting MetFX website at 

More Than Just an Escape

Flipping that old Shakespearean line, “what dreams may come,” MetFX bears the promise of what human interaction may culminate into. To say that immersing yourself in MetaFX’s metaverse is a form of escape may hold a truth in it. But mind you, MetFX is more than just that; it is a venue where your dreams may come into fruition as you recover your sense of self that has gotten lost in the cacophony of the real world.


MetFx’s integrated ecosystem is designed to encourage utilization across all sections of the platform, creating a closed-loop and growing economy that drives the value of MetFx tokens. They have also set out the following design principles for developing the integrated ecosystem:


Transparency and traceability are the key advantages of using a blockchain in MetFx’s ecosystem. These provide MetFx with the ability to ensure that MFX transactions are properly authenticated and reconcilable. However, the use of cryptocurrencies can be challenging for new users. Therefore, it was crucial for MetFx to optimize the user experience of utilizing MFX within MetFx’s integrated ecosystem to achieve high usability.


MetFx’s integrated ecosystem is built with a long-term strategic view to ensure the sustainability of the business model. All new business models will undergo a business development process within MetFx for research and exploration by qualified individuals before implementation. This is important to ensure that the business model remains viable for the long term.


The development of an integrated ecosystem will be a massive undertaking. Scalability designs will be an important Day 1 consideration for software design because MetFx will be accessible to a worldwide user base. In addition, the platform is designed in a way that is capable of horizontal scaling as new content and functionalities are added to the ecosystem.

Social Connection

Above all things, health and wellness, and safety are always held as the top priority. It goes without saying that the pandemic had highlighted this, leading world leaders, in their attempt to combat the spread of the corona-virus, to mandate nationwide lock-downs. This directed social interaction to the digital realm. Should there be a need for an individual to venture outside, stringent social distancing protocols are implemented. This is especially challenging as humans are naturally social beings.

In the MetFX metaverse, there is no need to establish social distancing. You can interact with your family, friends, and colleagues in movie theaters, parks, and even on the moon if you so desire. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go hunting, fishing, or explore the many worlds in the MetFx metaverse.

Even in times of uncertainty, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, a person can easily escape their environment with the MetFX metaverse. Teleport yourself into a dream world, and do not be limited by your current environment. This is the power of MetFX! 

Partnerships With Meaning

MetFX has partnered up with several huge companies in the industry to guarantee their success. A deal with the full marketing agency of Crypto Kid Finance ( has been set in place. Crypto Kid Finance will help assist with day to day marketing, including: 

AMAs with big known communities, multiple  press release media drops, trending on all the major sites, partnerships to be formed, full staffing (mods and shillers) and much more! In addition, MetFX has a deal with Orbit Digital Marketing ( who owns thousands of billboard locations, and who have access to many influencers in the crypto space. Orbit has been apart of many successful projects and expect MetFX to be added to that list. Moreover, a partnership with the betting platform of Betswamp ( – who will be doing a relaunch in the coming weeks, has been formed. 

How To Get Invested In MetFX?

With an expected launch date at the end of April, investing in MetFX is what thousands of investors have been trying to do! Spots are very limited since MetFX will be taking the route of a tier-1 IDO launchpad service, such as a Seedify, DAO Maker, Trust Pad. However, investors are encouraged to try to get in before the IDO announcement by visiting MetFX telegram ( and signing up for their whitelist event. For those lucky investors who are able to get in, MetFX presents them an opportunity like no other! Launch is set for April 2022 (exact date TBA).






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Media Contact: [email protected]

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