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Leading San Francisco Real Estate Agent Shares Insight On Housing Demand

The world is slowly returning to a pre-COVID era with many people looking in and around San Francisco for a home. However, those not familiar with the Bay Area are often taken aback at one major trend that has been happening there for some time – most homes are selling above asking prices.

Danielle Lazier has been in the real estate industry as a real estate agent working in San Francisco for many years. In her experience, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

“The issue at hand is many people do not recognize last year, the COVID year, as one where the housing market in the Bay Area took a downward swing. The prices and trends are returning to normal. This is nothing out of the ordinary,” said Lazier, working as a real estate listing agent in San Francisco.

The last time there was a major dip in prices was back during the Great Recession.

People are excited about the opportunities in the pre-COVID days. This means dining outside, spending time with family and friends and the like. The home prices are just a part of this for those in the Bay Area.

It is a ripe time to find a home in the Bay Area. Lazier and her team of Realtor agents serving San Francisco, CA, are ready to help anyone looking for a home. Visit the website at for details.

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