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James P. Axiotis: Spreading Awareness through Storytelling

Bringing aid to those directly impacted by conflict and other disasters internationally

When asked, the general population would respond that they have the natural-instinct to help and promote the welfare of others. The actual cost of dedication to those ideals is high, and the likelihood of finding individuals who’ve risked their lives for them is slim. At JPA Productions, one producer is using the power of storytelling to spread awareness and bring aid to refugees and those that are directly impacted by conflict and other disasters internationally. James has worked with numerous organizations and initiatives as he leads a life devoted for the good of others.

James P. Axiotis, founder of JPA Productions, has traveled from the confines of Southern California to Navajo Nation, going as far as the Syrian-Jordanian Border to bring crucial aid and document the essential work of the Children of War Foundation (COWF). Following his travels as a COWF officer into Ukraine this past March, his production company donated promotional videos in order to further spread awareness about COWF’s phenomenal work. He also brought half a million dollars worth of medical aid, delivering it by hand to two different hospitals. As an LA local, James has also donated production services to Fixin’ Fidos, a non-profit organization that assists those in need of spay or neuter services for those who cannot afford it. During the pandemic, he also answered requests for food donations, as many people found themselves unable to provide for both themselves and their pets.

The power of storytelling is not unfamiliar to James, who has been fueled by his own upbringing. He was adopted from Greece after his mother, an unwed teenager, was forced to give him up. It is this unique life experience that inspired him to look for ways to help others in any way that he can, especially children and women who have been displaced. In more recent years, James has come to embrace the label of an ‘international producer’ whose proudest work has been with the COWF, although he has over 30 years of experience in developing, casting, and producing content throughout the United States.

He is a strong believer that film and especially social media is a powerful way of getting charities’ messages across to the public. Utilizing social media as a tool to bring awareness to the work non-profit’s do for newer generations is also something that he is concerned with. James’s particular style in storytelling has a way of inspiring people and driving them to action.

All the good James does comes at the cost of his safety but knowing first-hand the impact of war, famine, and genocide, there is no stopping him from consistently producing media that will bring awareness and support from a greater audience.

JPA Productions is a living testimony of James’s commitment to helping others. Visit

About JPA Productions

JPA Productions is the personal brand of international producer James P. Axiotis. He has over 25 years of experience in developing, casting, and producing film and television content for theatrical and streaming platforms.

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Company Name: JPA Productions
Contact Person: James P Axiotis
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Phone: 1-310-710-7639
Country: United States

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