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iNTROVERSE Launching Beta Version + iNTRO Token Offering on Cinco De Mayo

The iNTROVERSE  is releasing their utility token, named iNTRO, exclusively available for sale through BloxXwop on May 5, 2022.

This release is in conjunction with the Beta Version of the iNTROVERSE – a decentralized virtual world with a community that is inspired to imagine, create, and dream awake. Their platform gives opportunity to creatives, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and supporters alike to have ownership and earning power, as well as be a part of the decentralized movement.

Community members who own the utility token will have the opportunity to explore galleries of digital assets while transacting with the iNTRO TOKEN. Members will also earn crypto for various activities and unique experiences in the iNTROVERSE such as: buying + selling digital real estate, limited edition NFT drops, personalized avatars, and exclusive access to virtual events.

One of the MAJOR functions surrounding this project is the ability to have land ownership with a down payment via a low monthly subscription. This feature works  as a “Digital Mortgage” or layaway plan for future developers looking to participate in Web3 and the Metaverse. The feature is being rolled out in partnership with BloxX Financial, BloxXwop’s protocol publishers. With Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) taking the land ownership to new heights, this offering allows a much safer buy-in to increase value over time. A digital mortgage also makes it infinitely more accessible to the average consumer who is curious and wants to get involved in WEB3 the future of the internet, without having to choose between digital land or paying back student loans.

Where to find the iNTRO TOKEN? The iNTRO TOKEN will be exclusively available on BloxXwop, a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform that is committed to aiding and accelerating financial, cultural diversification. BloxXwop is the Ultimate Equalizer in the commitment to providing access to fan token assets globally.

Should you join this revolutionary experience with the iNTROVERSE ? We certainly think so. Find out for yourself on May 5, 2022. Get the iNTRO TOKEN on:

Get iNTROVERSE Land purchase/Beta Download:

Get SUPPORT on BloxXwop:[email protected]

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