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Ecobrite lighting making a positive environmental impact

Speaking to Pshtiwan Salim, Operations Director at Ecobrite;

“We are expanding our operations, with offices currently in the Europe, Middle East and China. We are putting emphasis on scaling the company and recruiting the right people to help us realise the vision we have in place for the next ten years.

“Our priority is to ensure that we can meet the logistical demands without compromising on the service and products we can deliver to our clients.

“We have spent a considerable amount on research and development, and currently working on both software and hardware that will give us an edge against the competition in the lighting industry.

When asked about the future of the brand;

“Everything is going towards a more digital and connected world. We want to connect our clients to our business by creating a place where they can do business and have everything in one place.

“Creating a platform where the public or even trade customers can purchase our products and have all their receipts and orders in one place has been essential.

Starting the company in 2017, Ecobrite lighting had its strategic framework put in place a year earlier back in early 2016.

“Having spent a year putting the right framework in place and doing as much research as possible in order to create a company that would make a real change in the industry has taken a considerable amount of time and effort.

“Our passion for this industry is the real game changer. We have a real keen interest in the emerging technologies within this sector, and we want to nurture our own IP into something that other people can benefit from.

Speaking on the importance of environmental changes and how the company will evolve in the future;

“Even when we first conceived the idea of a company that focused on carbon footprint rather than company turnover is when we built something that would be futureproof. Flooding the market with any product is easy, but managing the implications and future consequences is the challenge.

“We will go into the future with clear objectives that we will prioritise to make this company a long term success that will become a household name.

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