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Bakersfield Tree Service Helps Homeowner Convert Logs into Timber After Large Tree Removal Procedure

Bakersfield, California – When Kim Jefferson decided to build his warehouse store, he knew the only thing standing in his way is the trees standing on the land he was planning to use. His 1-acre piece of land was covered with more than 70 oak trees. To create room for the new warehouse, the homeowner had to bring the trees down. 

“After doing research online,” said Kim, “the family created a list of 10 tree maintenance companies that presented the best services online. Later, the wife emailed these companies and requested a quotation for the tree removal procedure.” 

Kim noted that among the 10 companies that his wife emailed, Bakersfield Tree Service was the most responsive company. The company came out on the same day to inspect the trees and provide a cost estimate. 

“It took the 9 other companies about a week to respond to the wife’s email,” said Kim. “Out of those 9 companies, only 3 came out to inspect the trees before sending a quotation.”

The homeowner noted that when he compared the cost estimate provided by Bakersfield Tree Service with the quotations sent by other companies, he realized that Bakersfield Tree Service was much more affordable. What’s more, the homeowner loved the tree maintenance company because of its quick response. 

“When the family contacted Bakersfield Tree Service to discuss the tree removal procedure,” said Kim, “the goal was to know whether the company could finish the tree removal procedure in less than 2 weeks. When the company confirmed that this was doable, the family went ahead and hired the company.” 

Kim told a group of reporters that Bakersfield Tree Service worked much harder than he had expected. By the end of each day, he was surprised to find the company had removed 10 trees and pulled out the tree stumps. 

“The company finished the tree removal procedure in a week,” said Kim. “This was very unexpected. However, it gave the family more time to start preparing the land for warehouse construction.” 

Kim noted that after completing the tree removal and the stump removal, the head of field operations at Bakersfield Tree Service asked whether he would like the team to take the stumps and the tree trunks to the dumpsite. The company was reportedly ready to take all the wood on the landscape away and leave the landscape looking clean. However, things changed when Kim’s wife mentioned that the family was planning a construction project.

“When the wife mentioned that the goal of clearing the land was to create room for a construction project,” said Kim, “the head of field operations suggested using the removed trees as part of the construction materials. He noted that his team could help the family convert the trees into timber. The head of field operations also noted that since the oaks are hardwood trees, their wood could be more than ideal for use in the construction project.” 

When Kim agreed to convert the trees into timber, Bakersfield Tree Service reportedly spent an extra 5 days on his landscape working on the tree trunks. By the end of the 5th day, the homeowner had so much timber that he did not need to go to the market. 

“The company charged the family a very affordable price to turn the tree trunks into timber,” said Kim. “The team later went ahead and removed the sawdust, branches, and stumps from the landscape. The company left the landscape clean and ready for construction. This is a company the family can use again in the future.” 

Bakersfield Tree Service’s base of operation is located at 2511 M St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 661-231-6160 and [email protected]

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Phone: 661-231-6160
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State: CA 93301
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