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Want your face to look 10 years younger? Surgeon Maxim Ivanchuk explains how

As we age, our appearance changes. We lose facial volume and definition, leaving skin looking saggy, tired, and dull.

Maxim Ivanchuk
Photo courtesy Maxim Ivanchuk
Photo courtesy Maxim Ivanchuk

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As we age, our appearance changes. We lose facial volume and definition, leaving skin looking saggy, tired, and dull. When your face is showing a lot of wrinkles and folds, it can make you look older than you are. This isn’t just about vanity because the way others see you impacts how they view your age, experience level, and even intelligence.

While there are many products on the market that claim to help reduce signs of aging, it is important to know that not everything works for everyone. To find the right treatment for you, it is critical to seek professional advice from a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience. Like Dr. Ivanchuk Maxim of Maxim Ivanchuk Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Dr. Ivanchuk has done lots of groundbreaking work in the plastic and cosmetic surgery fields using his unrivaled techniques. One of them is his popular “Chin modeling” procedure that takes up to 12 years off a patient’s face. The technique focuses on the “outline of the lower zygomatic region” and emphasizes what the doctor calls the “youth angle.” Dr. Ivanchuk then models the patient’s chin around that angle to make the beauty more pronounced.

Dr. Ivanchuk observes that this patented procedure is more popular with the 40+ group. The patients experience immediate transformation on their faces after the procedure. No one else in the world can offer similar results and that’s another reason it is extremely popular. Dr. Ivanchuk receives patients from over the world, with some traveling thousands of miles just to see the results on their faces. This chin modeling procedure is becoming more and more popular every year. 

Another pain point for people, especially women, as they get older is the neck region. To help them achieve their desired aesthetic results, Dr. Ivanchuk has developed an effective procedure for the “rings of Venus.” These pronounced and stubborn lines and depressions are rarely amenable to cosmetic or surgical interventions and that makes them extremely difficult to eliminate. However, Dr. Ivanchuk has already worked with several patients where a pronounced and permanent result is visible. There are no cuts or seams involved either.

You can’t take care of the neck and neglect the elbow area. For many women, that’s another region that is always giving trouble. Dr. Ivanchuk has created a rejuvenating procedure that takes care of the entire area on the bend of the elbow from outside. Now, women can stop worrying about wrinkles and looking old. Dr. Ivanchuk will make them pleasantly surprised with visible results that can last for up to 8 years. Again, there are no cuts or seams used.

While most of Dr. Ivanchuk’s patients see him for facial and chest procudures, the doctor’s expertise does not stop there. He has authored 60 different facial and body treatments! One of his latest techniques is the “Seam Bonding Procedure” that’s used to correct lacerated wounds. Dr. Ivanchuk uses a special gluing technique that ensures the wound heals quickly with no stitches. After the procedure, the wound does not leave any trace.

Every year, Dr. Ivanchuk works hard to stay on top of the game. He is constantly improving on his techniques and this year is no exception. He hopes to give clients enjoyable and unrivaled experiences for years to come.

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