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Interview: Calvin Boling finds his voice in fitness, digital age (Includes interview)

Walt Disney once said: “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Calvin Boling epitomizes this wise quote well.

On his daily motivations, he said, “I am motivated primarily from my family. I was raised by a single mother, so not having a father in my life motivated me to be the best that I can possibly be. Also, seeing how my mom was able to raise me taught me a lot in life. I am also motivated by my friends and the people that I know.”

He shared that he wrestled for about eight years in his teenage years. “I almost wrestled in college but I had two shoulder surgeries,” he said. “Honestly, my shoulder surgery was really scary since I didn’t know what I was going to do. I wanted to overcome it and be back on top, in an effort to overcome it. That was definitely a long process.”

These two shoulder surgeries fueled his fire and inspired him to overcome adversity. “I was able to build myself from the ground up twice and that motivated me in a lot of aspects in life,” he said.

Calvin is the identical twin brother of Cory Boling, who is also a fitness and fashion model in his own right. “Cory is a positive influence in my life as well. Being a twin, it’s all about accountability,” he said. “Some people see it as a competition but through that, we are always motivating each other. Having that partner to hold you accountable has helped me with everything in life, especially with fitness and modeling.”

Calvin opened up about life during the quarantine. “When quarantine first hit, I wasn’t ready for it, and it was hard to deal with the first week. It took us all by surprise,” he said. “Looking back, it afforded me the opportunity to focus on self-growth and self-reflection. It taught me to better myself by reading books and by looking at different business opportunities and posting more content.”

“I ended up joining a company, ActivePure Technology, which has an air purifier that actually kills SARS-CoV-2. The technology inside of it was originally used by NASA so it has NASA’s seal of approval and I saw it as an opportunity to help others, especially my followers and my community. I’ve made great strides in doing so. I know that the pandemic has taken a toll on so many lives, especially from a mental health standpoint,” he said.

When asked if he sees a silver lining in this pandemic, he said, “It gave me a lot of time to evaluate myself and grow in different ways that I wouldn’t have been able to, and just having that time to myself. Being around family has really opened up my eyes and seeing different ways on how I can improve myself, so I am grateful for that.”

He noted that during the quarantine, he got really good at home workouts, which he has ever since added to his online coaching. “I was able to build fitness plans in that sense,” he said.

On being a fitness professional and social media star in the digital age, he said, “Being in the digital world is great to be able to inspire people and get your message across. Growing up, that was something that I always wanted to do, and that’s why I love social media.”

“Thanks to the digital age, there are more avenues and more opportunities. The more people you get to know in general, the more you can build connections on social media, especially outside of the country,” he added.

Calvin Boling

Calvin Boling
Chaz Medlock Photography

Regarding his latest endeavors, he said, “Right now, I am focusing on online coaching and helping people see results. I enjoy making content to inspire people and making them laugh. I enjoy making people’s days and being a positive impact in the lives of others.”

If he were to do any track and field event, Calvin revealed that he would do the 400 meter sprint and the long jump. “I did long jump right before high school, and then I wanted to focus on wresting,” he said.

In swimming, he listed the “backstroke” as his personal favorite stroke. “In the backstroke, you are in your own little world,” he said.

While he has yet to visit Greece, he would love to go there someday since he really loves the waters. “That’s definitely a goal of mine,” he admitted.

He defined the word success as “the importance of having a vision.” “Setting short-term goals, long-term goals, writing them down, and then, working on making them happen,” he said. “You need to be consistent. If you are staying consistent through something, especially if you have a passion for it, then you are going to become successful.”

“With social media, it is important for me to share that success by helping other people so that they can become successful and that means everything to me,” he concluded.

To learn more about Calvin Boling, follow him on Instagram, his Facebook page, and check out his website.

Calvin Boling

Calvin Boling
Chee Sim

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