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Experience the future of home automation with Beasen Home’s smart blinds

These eco-friendly blinds help preserve heat and AC, and are controlled by an easy-to-use remote.

Photo courtesy Beasen Home
Photo courtesy Beasen Home

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You won’t know how much your choice of blinds affects your life until you experience Beasen Home’s smart blinds. The Eco-friendly blinds help preserve heat and AC and are controlled by an easy-to-use remote. Automate your shades to see the difference.

Home automation is a relatively recent movement, but many people now use home pods to control many devices around the house. From smart TVs to automatic soap dispensers, home automation can revolutionize your life. It optimizes comfort but has many other uses. For the elderly or disabled, home automation can aid with tasks that ordinarily cause discomfort or even danger. Home automation can also help conserve energy and electricity, automatically turning off lights, heat, and air conditioning units when necessary. These seemingly small changes can have big effects on the environment and on your bank account.

Beasen Home’s smart blinds are no exception. Their cutting-edge technology is designed to optimize energy efficiency while giving the user the most options to maximize comfort. Up to 15 blinds can be controlled on a single remote control, and the shades have no cords or wires for an elegant look. Eliminating cords and wires also removes the danger of pets or children getting tangled in them. Beasen Home’s smart blinds can be controlled by smart hub devices by voice, or on an app. 

Photo courtesy Beasen Home

The company is committed to sustainability and uses low-carbon, eco-friendly materials like OEKO-TEX100, UL, RoHS, and UL Greenguard to create their products. Beasen Home’s smart blinds are designed so that even when you are not at home, they can help you save energy. The app-controlled blinds and shades let you adjust the sunlight entering your home to save heating and air conditioning costs. Not only are you helping the planet, but you are also saving money. Using smart blinds is one of the simplest, easiest things you can do to help the planet.

Beasen Home has helped customers find window treatments since 2010. As their technology became more refined and advanced, the company stayed ahead of the market and created innovative smart blinds. The smart blind market is extremely competitive, and Beasen Home keeps up with the latest technology so they can update and advance their blinds. Smart shades are a relatively new product, but the industry is booming.

Educating customers about the benefits of smart blinds is another aspect of Beasen Home’s mission. Most people still don’t know what smart blinds are and how they can help curb energy usage. Beasen Home invested in marketing campaigns and customer education through seminars, webinars, and other informational materials to help customers better grasp their products.

With Beasen Home’s smart shades, you are doing your part for planet Earth while keeping your home looking its best. The benefits of smart shades are undeniable, and Beasen Home’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction makes their blinds an obvious choice.

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