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Conrad Louis talks podcast, motivations, success, and digital age (Includes interview)

“All That Glitters on the Gram has been such a fun project that has exceeded our expectations in terms of listeners, followers on social media, and sponsors,” he said about his podcast.

“Hayley and I love having a platform to discuss topics like mental health, fitness, and bringing on special guests like high-performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais to help our listeners better understand and train their minds. It has truly exceeded our expectations and we feel so grateful for the outpouring of support we have received for it,” he elaborated.

On his daily motivations, he said, “I am motivated primarily by the notion that in order to be one’s best self you have to be in a continual state of progress. Progress is what gives us a sense of happiness and helps us feel confident in ourselves. Whether that’s professional, physical, or with respect to a relationship, we need to feel like we’re moving with forward momentum lifestyle in order to feel content.”

Conrad Louis in Times Square  New York

Conrad Louis in Times Square, New York
Hayley Paige

He acknowledged that he is thankful to be a social influencer in the digital age. “I am so grateful that I have the following I have and that people seem interested in my day-to-day. I recently read a study that concluded that influencers are more trusted than celebrities and I’ve never really put much weight on the title ‘influencer’; but, it really is a full-time job that comes with so many more responsibilities than meets the eye.”

On life during quarantine, he said, “I’ve been planting many seeds in 2020 that I am looking forward to seeing boom in 2021. Our motto has been to make this year (and quarantine) as productive as humanly possible. So, we have definitely been staying disciplined in our focus with respect to seeing the silver lining throughout quarantine.”

For young and aspiring digital content creators and social influencers, he encouraged them to “be consistent.” “Treat it like a job. Great content is the bare minimum. Engage, engage, engage,” he reiterated.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he responded, “Laying the Foundation.” “Laying the foundation is the title of this chapter of my life. As I mentioned earlier, Hayley and I look forward to looking back on 2020 with gratitude and satisfaction for all the hard work we’ve put into this year,” he said.

Conrad Louis and Hayley Paige

Conrad Louis and Hayley Paige
Photo courtesy of Conrad Louis

“While there are many things we can’t control right now, there is so much more that we can our control. Also, we are slowly but surely moving closer to setting a date for our wedding so stay tuned for more details,” he added.

He defined the word success as follows: “Having achieved your life’s blueprint or surpassed it in a given area.”

For his fans and supporters, he concluded, “I am so grateful for their relentless support and positivity. I rarely encounter naysayers and I feel so blessed to have the type of supporters that consistently remark and engage with my content on a daily basis.”

To learn more about fitness coach and social influencer Conrad Louis, follow him on Instagram.

Conrad Louis

Conrad Louis
Hayley Paige

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