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Serial Entrepreneur Steven Dorn has Attained Sustained Success in the Entertainment Industry

Steven Dorn is a charismatic serial entrepreneur and investor that is combining unconventional marketing methods.

Steven Dorn is Founder of music management and VC firm, XYZ Media. Photo courtesy Steven Dorn / Thomas Herd

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Steven Dorn is a charismatic serial entrepreneur and investor that is combining unconventional marketing methods with a unique flair that has made him a virtuoso in the entertainment industry.

His vast network of prominent leaders in various sectors, unparalleled dedication, and unrivaled commitment to excellence are what distinguishes him from other such young entrepreneurs.

Dorn’s immense knowledge of mainstream trends has molded him into a calculative risk taker in a wide range of industries, from music, film, fashion, entertainment, and even basketball- Dorn is the next young entrepreneur to keep an eye on.

Dorn is the personification of a true serial entrepreneur, as his impact on various industries can be seen through his plethora of thriving endeavors. Dorn is always looking for new and exciting ventures to grow his brand, his uncanny ability to foster personal relationships with the people he works with is an integral element in his sustained success.

Dorn’s impeccable communication skills and extensive network have been critical reasons for the prosperity of Dorn’s company, XYZ Media. XYZ Media specializes in music management and is also a VC firm. Dorn’s tremendous ability to connect with people and identify certain traits have made the young entrepreneur flourish as a talent manager, scout, and investor that is able to showcase and grow the artists he works with.

XZY Media is quickly becoming a formidable name in entertainment due to Dorn’s keen eye for spotting talent, as well as positioning them to attain maximum success in their field. Dorn does not adhere to traditional marketing methods, his outside the box creativity has propelled the careers of many famous artists by aligning them with the right brands, producers, and partners on their way to becoming staples of their respective industry.

Dorn is considered to be one of the most connected people in a wide range of circles, such connections paired with Dorn’s dedication to his craft have catapulted him to unprecedented heights in the music industry.

Dorn has a robust portfolio that many entrepreneurs can only aspire to, as his brand continues to grow via his incredible ability to connect artists with brands and individuals to formulate a winning recipe.

XYZ Media is unlike any other company as it creates genuine and relatable marketing campaigns that focus on word-of-mouth, as well as strategic alliances. In light of the oversaturated content and influx of influencers, XYZ Media’s unconventional, mystical, and humble tone is a breath of fresh air for both consumers and artists alike.

Some of Dorn’s noteworthy accomplishments include discovering and developing famous artists like Bryson Tiller, Pink Sweat$, and Yo Trane- among many others. Dorn’s bountiful imagination, versatility, and creativity have been a critical source for the artists he works with to maintain steady revenue in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

For more info on Steven Dorn, follow him on Instagram @kentuckyceo.

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