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Meet Peter Buka: Hungarian pianist and songwriter

Hungarian pianist and songwriter Peter Buka chatted about his inspirations, future plans, and his music career.

Pianist Peter Buka
Pianist Peter Buka. Photo Credit: Charles Buka
Pianist Peter Buka. Photo Credit: Charles Buka

Hungarian pianist and songwriter Peter Buka chatted about his inspirations, future plans, and his music career.

Buka’s piano covers have gone viral all over YouTube and social media. He discussed being a musician in the digital age.

Margaret Mead once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This quote applies to Peter Buka, who is making a positive impact with his piano playing abilities.

Inspirations as a piano player

On his motivations as a piano player, Buka said, “I think that for continuous, persistent practice and developments on daily basis, you need to have something long-term expectation behind. I have had a vision for 9 years now, which keeps me being motivated and focused on my goals.

When asked how he got into piano playing, he said, “I remember I was about six years old when I saw a piano performance on TV. I got into music school and started learning piano because of it. That video must have had a big impact on me.”

Love for classical music

On his love for classical music, he shared, “In school we began with classical music which I still love, and I learned a lot from it.”

“After 15 years of studying it, I started feeling it wouldn’t be my way. Then, I switched playing in music styles which I truly love.  At that point, piano playing became a new experience,” he said.

The digital age

On being a pianist in the digital age, at a time when streaming, social media and technology are so prevalent, he said, “After a long preparation, I started uploading my first videos to social media. I was sure that in this modern world the Internet has the most opportunities, not the talent shows for me.”

“I have a lot to thank for these platforms, but at the same time I care about not spending a lot of time on it, because it’s also known to have negative effects,” he added.

His favorite song to play on the piano

“Time” by Hans Zimmer, from the movie “Inception,” was the song that Buka claimed as his “all-time favorite” to perform on the piano.

“For some reason when I’m playing or listening to this soundtrack, it makes me feel many emotions. This song touches me in another way, I feel my life through the brilliantly-composed four chords,” he elaborated.

“I also think that making a simple and outstanding piece of music is maybe more difficult than making a complex one. It has to be perfectly chosen notes at the best timings,” he added.

Advice for hopefuls that wish to pursue the piano

For hopefuls that wish to pursue the piano, he said, “Respect classical music but don’t be afraid to create something new. Limits are only in our mind. Be strong mentally, people usually don’t listen and believe in new things, but who cares?”

Dream collaboration choice in music: Alan Walker

On his dream collaboration choice in music, Buka revealed, “I’m a huge Alan Walker fan. It would be absolutely mind-blowing to collaborate with him. I just can’t even imagine how amazing it would be.”

Musician Peter Buka
Musician Peter Buka. Photo Credit: Charles Buka


Regarding his definition of the word success, Buka remarked, “Success, for me, is not the actual achievement. Success is more likely being on the way, always thinking, doing new projects. Here’s a real example: I already felt ‘successful’ in the beginning when I haven’t achieved anything yet, because I knew it, I’m on the way to success.”

Peter Buka thanks his fans

For his fans and supporters, he expressed his appreciation. “I say to my fans, firstly, that I’m so thankful for supporting and believing in me, on my way,” he said.

“Also, if you are a musician or you have a dream to make it, never stop. Many people asked me about ‘what if it doesn’t work out, what’s your Plan B? I said it’s not a problem, for me, it’s more important to know that I didn’t give up. I’m doing it until it doesn’t succeed, even if that takes forever,” he explained.

Peter Buka
Pianist Peter Buka. Photo Credit: Charles Buka

To learn more about pianist and songwriter Peter Buka, follow him on Instagram, and check out his official website.

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