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What were Black Friday’s top searches and purchases?

The Bloomreach shopping data, which reflects big-volume sales, means that if shoppers are on the hunt for deals today, then some of the items listed below might be in low supply.

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Black Friday shopping in the U.S. is spread throughout the day, peaking mid-day and later at night. In terms of how people are shopping, mobile now accounts for two thirds of Black Friday traffic in the U.S.

The key purchasing data from Black Friday (Friday, November 29), drawn from real-time data analytics, found by Bloomreach (“2019 Black Friday eCommerce Trends Report”) shows that:

Socks are in high demand on Black Friday

The most searched items are: Socks, TVs, down jackets, Vans, and Christmas trees. In terms of transitioning these searched items into sales, the most purchased items: Socks, flannel pajamas, jeans, holiday cards, and wireless earbuds.

VSCO girls’ reign isn’t over yet

Apparently “Vans” was the most searched brand name.

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Harry Potter vs Star Wars

Despite the current Baby Yoda buzz, Harry Potter’s brand is more popular than Star Wars’, according to key Black Friday searches and sales.

Xbox is waning in popularity

Microsoft may need to come up with something new to keep Xbox sales high. Both Nintendo Switch and PS4 are in the top 100 searched items, whereas the Xbox is not.

Apple Watch is the top tech product

With the most popular technology predicts, The Apple Watch is the most searched for tech product, followed by Airpods. Wireless in-ear audio devices enters into the Top-5 of most purchased products this year.

Gucci belts are still relevant

Among U.S. luxury searches, Gucci is far more popular than other high-end brands.

Billie Eillish should drop a product line

The pop singer is the only person in the arts and entertainments field to be named to the top 100 searches list.

According to the data from Bloomreach, online sales grew by an average of 16 percent on Black Friday. Mobile, in particular, saw a 17 percent bump in revenue and desktop saw 15 percent.

In related news, OpenX’s 2019 Holiday Shopping Report with The Harris Poll showed 31 percent of consumers planned to do most of their shopping on Cyber Monday. This number jumped to 45 percent for millennials.

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