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The Wall Street Transcript Publishes CEO Interviews in CHASE H&Q 28th Technology Special Issue

NEW YORK (DJC)- Eighteen leading analysts and top management from one
hundred and ten sector firms examine the Technology sector in this special
428-page CHASE H&Q 28th Annual Technology Conference Issue from The Wall
Street Transcript (212-952-7433) or

In a vital review of this evolving sector for investors and industry
professionals, this valuable 428-page CHASE H&Q Technology Conference issue

Fifteen extensive (average 2,500 words) Interviews with top management
discussing the outlook for their firm and the sector.

Matthew Andresen, President of The Island ECN, states, “Island was
the first ECN to think and follow through on the idea of a real-time
BookViewer on the Internet. And Island of course set the bar for speed,
reliability and price. So I think if you believe in this kind of
disintermediation, if you believe in this kind of efficiency being brought to a
marketplace, you must go with the one that you think is leading the way in

CEO of Interact Commerce Corporation (Nadsdaq: IACT), Pat Sullivan,
highlights: “At the low end with Act!, we own a 77% market share. With
SalesLogix in the space between $10 million and $500 million, we’re well
over 50%, and that we dominate this marketplace. Then in the marketplace above
$500 million, we’re probably in the 5% to 10% range, which is not really the
market that we focus on.”

Jerry Kennelly, CFO of Inktomi Corporation (Nasdaq: INKT), describes
Inktomi’s future strategy. “We have the highest market share and the
growth rate. The way you increase market share and growth is by having a
commitment to stay at the cutting edge of technology, to bring out new
products, and to expand market segments and geographies.”

CEO of GSI Lumonics (Nasdaq: GSLI), Charles Winston, notes, “I think
earnings will grow more rapidly than the sales will, although the sales will
grow on a par with what we’ve been seeing in the last four quarters. But I
think the earnings will improve on a greater rate, because we’re getting
consolidations, we’re getting efficiencies from the merger.”

Raymond Stern, Sr. VP, Corporate Strategy & Marketing of Intuit
(Nasdaq: INTU), declares, “We have some slower growth portions of our
business, some of the traditional desktop businesses. But at the same time,
associated with that is a customer base of 12 million loyal customers who
highly profitable to us. Our growth rate has an order of magnitude almost
greater than the 20% average.”

Vinod Gupta, CEO of InfoUSA (Nasdaq: IUSA), shares the firm’s growth
figures. “We’re targeting, on the non-Internet side, 20% growth, and on the
Internet side we’re looking at a very explosive growth. For,
revenue is approximately $25 million now, from licensing and database usage
and product sales. And we believe those revenues could double and triple
every year.”

CEO of Intevac (Nasdaq: IVAC), Norman Pond, explains, “In the data
area, we believe that the demand for data storage will continue to grow
rapidly. It’s been increasing at a compound rate on the order of 100% per
year. We expect that to continue and, perhaps, accelerate. We believe that
eventually the technology progress will slow, so the demand for disks will
again grow rapidly.”

Donald Brown,, CEO of Interactive Intelligence (Nasdaq: ININ),
considers Interactive Intelligence a compelling buy. “We’re a pretty strong
technology company with a sophisticated product that encompasses three huge
market segments. Our intention is to grow rapidly and remain a stand-alone
company — especially if we’re able to achieve our goal of maintaining 100%
year-over-year revenue growth.”

Peter Jackson, CEO of Intraware (Nasdaq: ITRA), explains Intraware’s
growth strategy. “Our strategy is software management enhancements by
leveraging the Internet. This is essentially saying we’re going to take all
software that runs businesses and we’re going to manage the way licenses,
upgrades, integration, asset management and the selection processes are

CEO of iBasis (Nasdaq: IBAS), Ofer Gneezy, describes three elements
of the firm’s success. “One is continuing to rapidly expand our Internet
telephony network by adding more partners overseas, more carriers to our
network and continuing to increase the level of traffic over our network. The
second element is our Internet telephony hosting service. The third element is
launching value-added services.”

Dr. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq: IMMR),
offers a perspective on the company’s future prospects. “The key to our long-
term success is market penetration. For Immersion, that means expanding our
technology to new platforms. Right now, our focus has been on the PC platform,
and that’s a huge opportunity, but we want to expand to additional platforms.”

CEO of International Rectifier Corporation (NYSE: IRF), Alex Lidow,
shares the firm’s growth figures. “Our richer mix adds a lot of earnings
leverage, and we’ve been showing a gross profit margin of 45% to 50% on every
new dollar of sales. Right now, our gross margins are running in the high 30s,
so the incremental margins provide a strong updraft to lift overall margins
into the mid-40% range.”

Tami Reller, CFO of Great Plains Software (Nasdaq: GPSI),
explains, “We have a very comprehensive and fully integrated platform of
applications across front-office, back-office and e-business. The other
competitive advantage we have is the relationships we have with our channel

CFO of Globix Corporation (Nasdaq: GBIX), Brian Reach, describes the
firm’s competitive edge. “Number one is that we are an infrastructure
company. So we have real assets. The money that we’ve raised, whether it be
debt or equity is principally invested in long term assets. Number two, I
don’t know any other business sector that’s growing at the rates that we’re

Kenneth Fox, Managing Director of Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq:
ICGE), states, “ICG is executing on its strategy to be a leader in the business-
to-business e-commerce marketplace through its active involvement building and
developing companies in the B2B space. By being two to three years ahead of the
B2B curve, ICG has been afforded its first-mover advantage and industry

This 428-page CHASE H&Q 28th Annual Technology Conference Issue also
features Eighteen Chase H&Q Analyst interviews:

(LI)Outlook for Technology – Todd Bakar
(LI)Outlook for e-Services – Dirk Godsey
(LI)Outlook for e-Commerce – Genni Combes
(LI)Communications Equipment – Michael Neiberg
(LI)Outlook for e-Learning – Gerald Odening
(LI)Semiconductor & Component Suppliers – Sudeep Balain
(LI)Semiconductor Equipment Outlook – Eric Chen
(LI)e-Business Infrastructure Software – Christopher Galvin
(LI)Communications Software – Reginal King
(LI)Communications Equipment – Jeffrey Lipton
(LI)e-Business Infrastructure & Applications
(LI)e-Business Applications & Analytical Software – James Pickrel
(LI)Online Brokerage – Gregory Smith
(LI)Wireless Technology – Edward Snyder
(LI)Networking Equipment – Erik Suppiger
(LI)e-Retailers – Bonnie Tonneson
(LI)Semiconductor Manufacturing Services – Lucas Ward
(LI)Media Content & Consumer e-Commerce – Peter Misek

3CEO/Company Interviews: Top management from one hundred and ten
Technology firms examine the outlook for their firm and the sector.

Firms include:

ADC Telecommunications, Adobe Systems, Advanced Digital Information,
Advanced Fibre Communications, Agile Software Corporation, AirNet
Communications, AppNet, Apropos Technology, Ask Jeeves, Aspect
AstroPower, Atmel Corporation,, BARRA, Be Free, Blaze Software,
Brio Technology, Business Objects S.A., CareerBuilder, Catapult
Communications, Check Point Software Technologies, Citrix Systems, Computer
Associates International, Corsair Communications, CSG Systems International,
CyberCash, Daleen Technologies, DAOU Systems, Dendrite International,
Insight Corporation, Digital Island, DSP Group, EarthLink, ECI Telecom,
Ltd., Emulex, Engage Technologies, eSpeed, ESPS, Evolving Systems, Exponent,
Focal Communications, Gadzoox Networks,, Getty Images, iTurf,
iVillage, JNI Corporation, The Knot, Kronos, Launch Media, Macrovision
Corporation, The Management Network Group, Maxtor Corporation, Maxwell
Technologies,, MERANT plc, Micrel Semiconductor, Microchip
Technology, Mission Critical Software, MMC Networks, National Information
Consortium, NaviSite, Net Perceptions, NetGenesis, NetIQ, Network Solutions,
Numerical Technologies, Omega Research,, Pegasus Solutions,
Plantronics, Point of Sales Limited, Portal Software, Power Integrations,
Powerwave Technologies, QRS Corporation, Quest Software, Rational Software
Corporation, Renaissance Worldwide, RMH Teleservices, Sawtek, SDL, SERENA
Software,, Solectron Corporation, SonicWALL, Telxon
Corporation, Teradyne,, Tumbleweed Communications, Verio,
Westell Technologies, Wireless Facilities, Witness Systems

To obtain a copy of this 428-page Chase H&Q 28th Annual Technology
Conference issue, call 212-952-7433.

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