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The most successful businesses in 2023 will be those that ‘are available’

One thing we have learned in recent years is outages can be crippling for business.

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Image: © Tim Sandle
Image: © Tim Sandle

Businesses are facing an increasingly competitive landscape and adopting new technology is key to meeting such challenges. Whether it is preparing a business to handle expected (or unexpected) data hikes, or preparing as an employee, those who do not think ahead may find themselves lagging behind as technology advances as 2022 come to an end. This matches the school of thought that argues that as new technologies become available, businesses should be prepared to adopt them and make them a part of their operations.

New predictions from experts at MariaDB list preparedness as one of the most important requirements for 2023. With this, Patrick Bossman, Product Manager for MariaDB, and Manjot Singh, Field CTO, set out the core areas to Digital Journal.

Every business will have to think like a seasonal business

According to Bossman: “In 2023, the ability to scale out on command is going to be top of mind for all companies. Organizations will need the infrastructure in place to grow on command and scale back once demand lowers. The winners in 2023 will be those who understand that all business is seasonal and all companies need to be ready for fluctuating demand.”

Be prepared for your viral moment

Bossman’s recommendation for firms is: “In today’s culture, going viral could happen at any moment. All it takes is one tweet, making Oprah’s Favorite Things list, or getting a shoutout from an influencer on social media and next thing you know your website click throughs and inbound requests are skyrocketing. Companies need to be prepared to go viral and have the infrastructure in place to grow at a moment’s notice, because it may only happen once, and you don’t want to miss your moment.”

Availability will be the key to winning in 2023

In terms of success can be realised, Bossman puts forward: “One thing we have learned in recent years is outages can be crippling for business. In 2023, availability will be the secret sauce differentiating the winners from the losers. Companies need to avoid lock in and have the flexibility to scale. By diversifying cloud environments, companies will minimize the impact of outages on their ability to continue operations.”

It’s more important to be curious than to possess technical skills

Manjot Singh inputs: “Believe it or not, technical skills are not the most important qualification when looking for an engineer. If someone is sufficiently curious, they can pick up any technical skill. Engineers looking to make themselves “recession-proof” will need to understand that companies are looking for someone with the potential and willingness to learn while also being able to communicate effectively. Hiring based on curiosity and potential opens the door to a more diverse, and therefore successful, workforce.”

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Dr. Tim Sandle is Digital Journal's Editor-at-Large for science news. Tim specializes in science, technology, environmental, business, and health journalism. He is additionally a practising microbiologist; and an author. He is also interested in history, politics and current affairs.

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