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How MJV Technology & Innovation CEO built a global team serving Fortune 500s

The firm has become renowned for its expertise in design thinking especially, helping organizations solve complex problems

Photo courtesy of Mauricio Vianna
Photo courtesy of Mauricio Vianna

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When the world’s biggest brands are facing a strategic challenge, whether it’s related to customer experience, tech innovation or even data science, they frequently turn to MJV Technology & Innovation, a global consulting firm that boasts a team of more than 1,200 experts and strategists spanning offices across the globe.

Founded by CEO Mauricio Vianna nearly three decades ago, MJV has served the likes of Coca-Cola, Delta, BNP Paribas, Santander, Cartier and more. The firm has become renowned for its expertise in design thinking especially, helping organizations solve complex problems.

We connected with Vianna for an interview sharing how he built MJV into a behemoth in the consulting world, the lessons he learned and trends that he thinks leaders should pay attention to.

What are some of the unique challenges that clients come to MJV Technology & Innovation (MJV) for help solving?

Mauricio Vianna: MJV works with many of the world’s largest companies to help them develop and implement strategies for business transformation. This includes helping our clients enhance customer experience, prototype new products, utilize data and analytics to make better business decisions and also harness digital transformation. 

Our team of more than 1,200 employees worldwide has vast experience in applying methodologies such as design thinking to solve very complex global problems for enterprises. 

How has MJV become a leader in design thinking over more than two decades?

MV: When MJV began more than twenty years ago, we started with serving clients in financial services. We used design thinking to solve problems for clients that quickly got the attention of other global companies in banking, consumer products, insurance and more. 

This track record of producing results for our clients has helped our team to grow to the international presence we have today. 

What are some of the cases that MJV is most proud of?

MV: Among our most successful projects has been a digital insurance marketplace that we built for Santander Bank in the Latin America market. Called Auto Compara, it was the first fully digital marketplace for auto insurance that allows Latam customers to browse and compare policies from multiple carriers in one centralized place.

Not only has the platform created an unparalleled customer experience for consumers, it also resulted in a 50% increase in insurance sales across the eight carriers who participated in the marketplace.

What lessons have you learned as a CEO from building a global company of more than 1,200 people?

MV: Growing such a large team starting from zero has truly been an example of the importance of culture in an organization. At MJV we believe at the heart of everything we do that how we treat people matters. That is the North Star for all other decisions and initiatives. We practice principles of kindness, respect and mentorship daily. It’s because of those practices that we have been able to attract so many gifted people at MJV. They are the reason for our success.

What do you think are the most important changes in business and disruptions that CEOs need to pay attention to?

MV: Digital disruption is happening at a pace that is unprecedented. Many organizations are unprepared for the increasingly rapid pace of change that we will see in the marketplace, especially pertaining to developing technologies like AI. Devoting significant resources to understanding those changes and adapting to them is going to be critical to not only staying competitive, but surviving as a sustainable company.

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