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Paul Iddon

Citizen based in Kilkenny, Ireland, Ireland. Joined on Mar 12, 2012
Expertise in Politics



Op-Ed: Can Hezbollah and Syria really afford to confront Israel?

Recent clashes coupled with the escalation of tensions between Israel and the Hezbollah, along with its Iranian and Syrian patrons, brings to one's mind this very question.

Op-Ed: The dire prospect of another Israel-Hezbollah war

Here's to hoping that the present threats by Hezbollah and Iran to retaliate against the recent Israel strike in Syria doesn't escalate into full-blown war.

Op-Ed: Transcending international borders in the fight against ISIS

Islamic State may have symbolically dismantled the international frontier separating Iraq and Syria. Should that border in turn be ignored and deemed irrelevant in the fight against that Islamist foe?

Op-Ed: Boots on the ground — Those putting ISIS on the defensive

From Canadian special forces on the ground in Iraq to Kurdish fighters in Syria, ISIS is slowly but surely being put on the defensive thanks to those brave men and women who are risking their lives to repel that group's murderous onslaught.

Op-Ed: The significance of Iraq's acquiring of Mirage jets

Why the United Arab Emirates offer of Dassault Mirage 2000 jet fighters to the Iraqi Air Force is considerably noteworthy.

Op-Ed: A bit of (much needed) good news from Iraq

From Baghdad, America's top military officer General Martin Dempsey has said battle momentum is gradually turning against the Islamic State group.

Op-Ed: Battle of Baiji — The turning point Iraq needs

Iraqi forces driving the Islamic State (IS) fighters from the city of Baiji north of Baghdad may prove to be the decisive victory the demoralized Iraqi Army badly needs.

Op-Ed: More ISIS war crimes and crimes against humanity

The latest United Nations report about the Islamist State (IS, formerly of course ISIS) group's atrocities in Syria is damning, but certainly not surprising.

Op-Ed: Against an enemy like ISIS 'boots on the ground' are a necessity

It is becoming clearer to the U.S. military that against the Islamic State (IS, formerly of course ISIS) terror group in Iraq and Syria that some combat troops will be needed.

Op-Ed: No labour rights, no World Cup

Qatar promised it would reform its horrendous labour rights record last May. It has failed to substantially live up to that obligation.

Op-Ed: Did the U.S. kill Islamic States' self-proclaimed caliph?

And if the United States did manage to kill the leader of the self-styled Islamic State (IS, aka, ISIS or ISIL) what does that in turn mean?

Op-Ed: Iraq's Ayatollah Sistani talks more sense

Iraq's leading cleric, the Shia Ayatollah Ali Sistani, recently criticized army corruption for Iraq's failure to combat Islamic State and reiterated his support for a broad-based secular solution to the sectarian threat.

Op-Ed: How Islamic State keeps subject populations in line

More evidence emerges that Islamic State (IS) rigorously rule areas they presently control, another indication they are not necessarily welcome.

Op-Ed: On ISIS's latest mass-murder

The Islamic State groups (IS, formerly ISIS) have, over a 10-day period, massacred at least 200 members of the Iraqi Albu Nimr tribe in Iraq's Anbar province. This latest atrocity is quite telling given the denomination of that tribe.

Op-Ed: Just how committed is the U.S. to regime change in Syria?

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said that while present U.S. action in Syria has served to inadvertently benefit the Syrian regime they are still committed to seeing to its overthrow.

Op-Ed: Atrocities continue to plague both Iraq and Syria

Iraq, having faced sectarian strife and war for years now, and its neighbour Syria, facing as it is yet more bloodletting, both have seen very heinous atrocities visited upon their respective citizenry.

Op-Ed: The rudiments of a de-facto aerial umbrella over Syria's east

As the Syrian regime focuses its sights on opposition groups in the country's north, west and south Syria's east may eventually become the first "safe-zone" against the Assad regime.

Op-Ed: 'Those who confront death' go to confront ISIS in Syria's Kobani

A contingent of Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga (which roughly translated to 'those who confront death') are en route to the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani to fight the Islamic State (IS) group. Here's why it matters.

Op-Ed: On Egypt adding a buffer-zone to the bilateral embargo on Gaza

What Egypt's moves to establish a buffer zone on its Sinai frontier with the Gaza Strip tells us about the broad nature, and reasoning, behind the binational blockade of that Palestinian enclave.

Op-Ed: Cultural Cleansing: An imperfect name for a growing problem

The director of UNESCO has dubbed the intentional destruction of Iraq's cultural heritage "cultural cleansing." A bland and imperfect, but necessary and welcome, name for a very real and, sadly, recurring trend.
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