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Eko Armunanto

Citizen based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Joined on Jul 5, 2012
Expertise in Social media, Science & space, Environment & green living, Internet, Politics,   see all» Technology



Mammoth de-extinction: Should we bring them back?

Scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep says cloning the 10,000-years-old female mammoth found recently among Russia's Novosibirsk Islands should be possible through stem cell. He said it should be done if taking care of the animal is possible.

Smart TV: The next frontier of cybercrime

Who is watching who? After smartphones, the next frontier for cyberfraud could be the smart TV in your family room as it has Internet connectivity, applications, microphone and camera ― researchers say as they find that smart TV could be spying on you.

Video: Silvio Berlusconi outraged over jail ruling for tax fraud

Already given seven years in prison for illegal sex with underage prostitute, former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has just broadcast an angry video concerning his next four years in prison for tax fraud that was upheld by the Italy's highest court.

Meet the man flying in a jetsuite ― the Jetman

The first and only man in aviation history to fly with a jet-propelled wing is Swiss pilot Yves Rossy, after he successfully did that in 2006, and still he is to this day. Now he has just made his first public flight in the US Monday.

World's first 'Lab Burger' to be served Monday — stem cell burger

Supported by an anonymous benefactor who donated $320,000, researcher Mark Post is finally ready to serve up hamburger made from meat grown in a culture dish. The tasting will be conducted in front of an invited audience in London on August 5.

Inca children given alcohol and cocaine before being sacrificed

She was the chosen one who appears to have been selected for sacrifice a year before her actual death and was regularly given drugs and alcohol during the final months to make her more compliant in the ritual that ultimately killed her.

Mexican Vice Admiral Carlos Salazar killed in drug war

Two Mexican navy soldiers, including a vice admiral, were shot dead Sunday in southwestern state of Michoacan, where the military is trying to regain control of areas dominated by warring drug gangs.

Tens of thousands bees outraged, killing two horses and five hens

Around 30 thousand bees in North Texas attacked while Kristen Beauregard and her boyfriend exercised their two horses, stinging the animals to death. The angry bees also killed five hens and stung a dog.

Take two cups of coffee to get half risk of suicide

A recent study indicates people drank more than four cups of coffee daily had over a 50 percent lower chance of taking their own lives than those who drank less than one cup. Caffeine increases neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and noradrenalin.

Russia is better for my son than back to US, Lon Snowden says

Lon Snowden says his son has been so vilified by the Obama administration and members of Congress that he is now better off staying in Russia. He said he has lost faith in recent weeks that his son would be treated fairly by the Department of Justice.

Blame the moon if you can't sleep well

If you have trouble falling asleep around the same time each month, the moon might be to blame. Scientists say they've found evidence that human sleep patterns are timed to the phases of the moon.

WikiLeaks turns into Political Party with Assange as Candidate

Julian Assange formally inaugurated a political party bearing the name of his anti secrecy organization. He may not be able to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, but that's not stopping him from announcing a campaign for the Senate in Australia.

False memory implanted in mice with optic fibers

False memory syndrome (FMS) describes a condition in which a person's identity and relationships are affected by memories which are factually incorrect but are strongly believed. You feel confident that your memory is accurate while in fact it's not.

A single text message may hack millions of mobile phones

Karsten Nohl, the managing director of Security Research Labs, based in Berlin, Germany, revealed some mobile SIM cards can be compromised as they carry encryption and software flaws. This vulnerability could affect 750 million phones.

Egypt bombing injured twelve, a step ahead into bloody civil war

Unknown assailants threw a bomb early Wednesday from a passing car in Mansoura, the capital of Dakhalia province, after a day of clashes between opponents and Islamist supporters of Egypt's deposed president, Mohamed Mursi, killed nine people in Cairo.

Dolphins use vocal labels to call each other 'by name'

Vocal labeling refers to incidents in which an animal consistently uses a specific acoustic signal when presented with a specific object or class of objects. Research found dolphins use distinctive whistles in much the same way that humans use names.

Pope: Bomb found near site Francis plans to visit in Brazil

Pope Francis was greeted by enthusiastic crowds in Rio de Janeiro as he returned to his native continent for the first time as pontiff. An explosive device was found Sunday near a religious shrine in Brazil that Pope Francis plans to visit.

Wheelchair bomber seeked justice in Beijing Airport

Ji Zhongxing set off a homemade bomb outside the exit to an arrival hall of Beijing International Airport July 20, injuring his arm. He was the only one hurt in the blast. Later in hospital he said he did that to seek justice.

Another militant attack on Egypt's Sinai

Seeking to take advantage of the political insecurity in Egypt after Morsi's ouster, extremists killed two Egyptian soldiers and a policeman on Sunday in three separate attacks in the restive Sinai peninsula, which borders Israel.

Analyze the problem of your baby with cry analyzer

A new tool for analyzing the sound of a baby's cry could provide clues to crying patterns that might signal health problems.
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