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E. Hector Corsi

Citizen based in Montreal, QC, Canada. Joined on Apr 12, 2012
Expertise in Health, Science & space, Holistic health, Exercise & fitness, Pharmaceuticals



Study: Drinking from BPA-lined cans raises blood pressure

A new study shows drinking from BPA-lined cans raises blood pressure, even if you drink a compound that lowers blood pressure.

NY attorney general finds fraudulent supplements in many stores

A recent investigation by the New York State attorney general has found that big retailers sold contaminated and possibly dangerous supplements.

Study: Coffee reduces risk of melanoma

A new study links coffee consumption to a lower risk of skin cancer. Those who drank four cups of coffee per day had a 20 percent lower risk of melanoma.

Study: BPA alternative just as toxic

Consumers buying BPA-free products will be surprised to learn that these products contain a compound that’s just as dangerous as BPA.

Research: statins linked to thyroid, breast , and other cancers

A new study conducted by Shih-Han Hung at Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, and colleagues Herng-Ching Lin, and Shiu-Dong Chung, shows that regular statin use is linked to a significantly greater risk of thyroid cancer.

Green tea compound blocks Ebola virus infection

Research from the US Army suggests that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a compound from green tea, might prevent Ebola virus infection. Researchers showed that a key protein is essential for Ebola virus infection by using EGCG to block this protein.

Research: Anti-cancer spice promotes lung cancer

A new review of the effects of the active component of the spice turmeric shows it can cause lung cancer, and increase the size of lung tumors.

Study: Some starches lower risk of cancer from red meat

A new study shows that some starches have protective effects against the cancer-causing effects of consuming large amounts of red meat.

Study: Dark chocolate shrinks belly, linked to lower body fat

A new study shows that enjoying dark chocolate leads to a reduction in abdominal size. Participants ate about 500 calories worth of dark chocolate per day.

Study: Green tea blocks effects of blood pressure medication

A new study warns that drinking green tea can block the effects of the blood pressure medication nadolol. Patients drinking green tea had a significantly blunted response to the blood pressure lowering effects of the drug.

Research: Ginseng reduces chronic fatigue

A new study shows that Panax ginseng has anti-fatigue effects on patients who have chronic fatigue. After four weeks of using ginseng, patients felt significantly less fatigued and had better mood and cognitive performance.

Study: Allspice kills prostate cancer cells

Allspice, from the dried, unripe berry of Pimenta dioca, has several compounds that can fight prostate and breast cancer.

Study: Amazon açaí fruit could fight Alzheimer's disease

A new study shows that açaí berry can prevent some of the negative effects of toxic β-amyloid (Aβ) proteins implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and improve memory.

Research: Vitamin C fights the common cold

Specific amounts of vitamin C might help treat the common cold, according to a new review of numerous research trials on the vitamin. Vitamin C might be more beneficial in some groups of people than others.

Study: Fish oil fights prostate cancer

A new study shows that supplementing a low fat diet with fish oil can help fight prostate cancer. Eating lots of fish also produced a 63 percent reduction in prostate cancer-specific mortality.

Clinical trial to test effects of coconut oil against Alzheimer’s

New research suggests that coconut oil may help fight Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and a clinical trial will be conducted to test its effects against AD.

Study: Multivitamins lower breast cancer mortality by 30%

A new study shows that postmenopausal women with invasive breast cancer who used multivitamins had lower breast cancer mortality than those who didn't use these supplements.

Study: Ashwagandha herb reverses Alzheimer's disease pathology

Ashwagandha can reverse the accumulation of toxic proteins implicated in Alzheimer's disease and also improves behavior.

Study: Copper deficiency causes anemia

A new study shows copper deficiency causes anemia. Many people are copper deficient, and even if you have enough iron, this will lead to anemia.

Study: Gluten-free diet lowers weight and fat gain

A new study shows gluten-free diets could lower weight gain, even when calories aren't changed. Many people might benefit from avoiding gluten.
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