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Mark L Harvey

Citizen based in United States. Joined on Nov 17, 2007


Op-Ed: AP Newswire Unhinged - Sarah Palin Declared Racist

If Sarah Palin is a racist due to her spreading Truth about His Royal Caponisms Obama, then the AP hires and supports and condones sexism. How dare they criticize a woman! Have they no shame?

Op-Ed: Thirty Days And Counting

Yeah but, who's counting? Why, all of us are! It is said that the McCain Camp will be coming on strong and the Obama Camp says that they are coming out with a preemptive strike.

Op-Ed: Democrats: Doubling Down On Defeat

The same Democrats that tried to lose the war in 2006 and 2007 are now trying to ensure ultimate defeat in the long run. Rep Murtha said the following recently.

Op-Ed: Palin Has No Gloves - The Leftinistra Tremble

We all have heard by now that the Marxist Obama has been utilizing the legal system to shut down adverse "attacks on his character". First of all, he has to have some semblance of a decent character to begin with in order for his character to be attacked.

Op-Ed: What McCain Needs To Do Now

OK. Now that the unconstitutional economy bail out and the rape of the American tax payer has been set into stone, McCain can now come out swinging and expose the folks that are responsible for it all, including the socialist/Marxist Obama.

Op-Ed: I Call B.S. on Bailout

I have a few questions. If in fact the sky was falling to such a degree on the 17th of September and, as the New York Times writer so states what should we make of the last few pages of the unconstitutional bill?

Op-Ed: That Sound You Heard Today

That sound you heard today was Common Sense once thought to be dead and buried coming to life and coming home to roost. That sound you heard today was the United States Constitution making itself noticed.

Op-Ed: What The Bailout Is All About

For decades, ladies and gentlemen, the Leftinistra have tried very hard to either dispense with or rewrite the United States Constitution. While in that process, they have accused President Bush of doing just that.

Op-Ed: Barack Was Asked To Not Wear Commemorative Bracelet

It has been learned recently that Barack Obama was asked by the family of Sgt Ryan David Jopek, KIA by a roadside bomb in Iraq, to stop wearing their son's bracelet. The request came when it was apparent that he wore it for political reasons.

Op-Ed: Lawmakers Reach Tentative Bailout Deal

Just where in the United States Constitution does it authorize this total insanity? I don't care who it is that has worked on what and with whom. I want to see chapter and verse these people use to justify this government intrusion on the Free Markets.

Op-Ed: The Wall Street Rescue Properly Dies

When America went to bed last evening, the vast majority more than likely lost sleep or frankly just didn't care about the rescue or highway robbery issue. I watched guard and was pleased that the measure failed. First, please review the following.

Op-Ed: The Blame Game: Nation In Crisis?

If one were to listen to any American Democrat leader, one would think that the USA was on the road to perdition and the only saving grace would be to socialize everything there is to control. Such is the way of Marxism. Wrong path. Wrong decision.

Op-Ed: Democrats - Making Matters Worse As Usual

As the nation focuses and remains focused on the financial quagmire imposed upon the American People by the Democrats and the RINOs (fraud Republicans), the Democrats tried to slip a smooth one in on the bail.

Op-Ed: The Federal Bail Out; Thanks But No Thanks

The current financial crisis in the United States is certainly a very ugly situation but why should the American taxpayer suffer for the sins and the crimes of those that have perpetrated this quagmire? Why is no one calling for the head of Chris Dodd?

Op-Ed: The American Democrat: Economically Clueless

Some of them know it and some are just plain stupid. I don't know which ones scare me the most. The willfully criminal or the willfully ignorant.

Op-Ed: The McCain-Palin Tsunami and the DNC's Abyss of Obscurity

Nothing does this DAV's wounded heart better than watching the utter and complete destruction, self-imposed, of the DNC. I find it sadly comical that they try to identify with Ronald Reagan at times. I can just picture him rolling his eyes at the thought.

Op-Ed: Whatever Happened To Nancy's Historic Most Ethical Congress?

Pelosi once said that she was going to have the most ethical Congress in our history. I find that peculiar to say the least. I have a distinct impression that she either doesn't know what that might entail or she has redefined the term.

Op-Ed: Republicans and Media Bias

In a long history of factual media bias, let us take a look at some recent history. Long has the American and international news media abandoned their much vaunted Ethics Creed. Long has the media exclaimed that it is they which determines the news.

Op-Ed: The Obama Camp Confirms Treason and Logan Act Violations

As more and more data becomes exposed and more prominent writers than I begin revealing the treasonous and treacherous activities of one Barack Obama, we begin to see the inner workings of Obama's handlers, mainly George Soros.

Op-Ed: Happy Constitution Day America

Wouldn't it be nice if our political leaders instead of pretending to be adhering to the United States Constitution actually did adhere to the United States Constitution?
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