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Jimmy Reilly

Citizen based in Howell, NJ, United States. Joined on Mar 28, 2007



NASA's New Horizons Probe captures Pluto's blue hazes

“Who would have expected a blue sky in the Kuiper Belt? It’s gorgeous,” said Alan Stern, New Horizons principal investigator from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Boulder, Colorado.

Op-Ed: Emails from Ground Zero Special

New York - Few Americans who witnessed the 9.11.01 terror attacks will ever forget what took place that day. It was a day of devastation and loss.

Federal agents have arrested Trenton Mayor Tony Mack in probe

Trenton - Federal agents have arrested Trenton, New Jersey Mayor Tony Mack as part of a corruption probe. He was arrested along with his brother and another man identified as Joseph Giorgianni.

Students who bullied Grandma are suspended from school

There has been a resolution to the case of the middle-school students who bullied their bus monitor, a 68-year-old Grandma named Karen Klein. The incident was captured on video, which was uploaded to Facebook and then went viral on YouTube,

Moody's cuts credit ratings of 15 big banks

Some major banks will find funding more expensive as a result of their credit ratings being cut by Moody's Investors Services.

Mother accused of encouraging teen daughter to fight

Elgin - An Elgin, IL mother stands accused of not only encouraging her teen-aged daughter to fight, but also of driving her to the scene to do so.

Spike Lee apologizes to couple after Twitter foul-up

Sanford - Recently, Spike Lee retweeted what he thought was the home address of accused Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman. It turned out he was mistaken: the address belonged to an elderly couple unrelated to Zimmerman.

Security video shows tornado hitting school

Henryville - Many of us have seen the damage from the tornado that struck Henryville, IN on March 2, 2012, including the destruction at the local Junior-Senior High School. But now, surveillance video shows the havoc as the twister actually hits.

Student guilty in Rutgers spying case

New Brunswick - The Rutgers student on trial for using a webcam to spy on a roommate who later committed suicide has been found guilty on all counts charged in the indictment.

Grandmother charged with running her granddaughter to death

Gadsden - Prosecutors in Alabama are moving toward seeking the death penalty against a grandmother they say forced her granddaughter to run as alleged punishment for eating chocolate candy.

Video: School bus crash kills driver, student

Indianapolis - A school bus crash involving students from an Indianapolis charter school has killed the driver and a student and sent others to the hospital.

Op-Ed: Family removed from JetBlue flight due to 2-year-old's tantrum

A family returning from a vacation in Turks and Caicos had to fork over an additional $2,000 when they were removed from their flight because of their child's temper tantrum.

American Airlines attendant disrupts flight

Dallas - An American Airlines flight was delayed and sent back to the gate at Dallas/Fort Worth airport today after a flight attendant ranted over the PA system and had to be restrained by passengers and crew.

Woman run over by own car when picking up mail

Boynton Beach - A woman who stopped to pick up her mail wound up in a bizarre turn of events that left her injured by the vehicle she was driving.

Laundry, a woman's job?

Was it a joke, an attempt at humorous marketing, or a mean-spirited slight against women? A clothing company sets off a firestorm with what is perceived as a sexist label in its pants.

Police pull man from burning car

Keizer - Two police officers have been awarded Medals of Valor by the City of Keizer, OR after their heroic actions saved a man trapped in a burning car.

CVS mistakenly gives kids cancer pills

Chatham - A New Jersey pharmacy mistakenly filled prescriptions with a cancer drug instead of the prescribed chewable fluoride tablets.

Helicopter crash caught on camera

Coolidge - A camera crew for the Korean version of the British television show "Top Gear" encountered problems while filming a stunt.

President Obama heckled at fundraiser

New York - Concerns over Iran's nuclear weapons policy led to President Barack Obama being heckled during his speech at his own fundraiser in NY City last night.

Third school shooting victim dies, 911 tapes released

Chardon - A third student wounded in the school shootings Monday at Chardon High School in Ohio has died. Authorities have released the tapes of the 911 calls made from inside the school that day.
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