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J Pallister

Citizen based in United Kingdom. Joined on Jan 1, 2008


Made redundant in the city? Hurry up and teach!

The UK Government today announced that they are looking at creating a new fast track route into teaching which will take 6 months rather than the standard 12.

YouTube cuts access to music videos to viewers in the UK

YouTube has today cut off access to record label music videos for viewers in the UK in a row over pricing for the rights required.

Protester arrested for throwing custard on British minister

Police have now arrested environmental campaigner Leila Deen a couple of days after an incident in which green custard was thrown at Lord Mandelson.

Op-Ed: Who watches the watchers in Britain?

Who will watch the watchers? In modern Britain, it is now illegal in some cases to take pictures of the police, but the police have no compunction in taking pictures of everyone else.

Parents to home educate due to lack of suitable schools

Due to rising birth rates especially in inner cities, there are insufficient good schools for young children, some parents believe, and they are turning to home education to fill in the gaps.

Op-Ed: Is Britain facing a summer of rage?

With the recession biting, laws against protest and disquieting rumours in blogland, is Britain facing a summer of rage to rival the running battles of the miners' strike?

UK Freedom Bill campaign gets underway via petition and facebook

The Liberal Democrat party have launched a freedom bill to reclaim civil liberties eroded by decades of snippy legislation, campaigning electronically and via viral marketing techniques.

Op-Ed: Authors, politicians & activists gather to discuss modern liberty

Yesterday's convention on Modern Liberty included keynote speeches from Shami Chakrabarti director of Liberty, Philip Pullman well known author and David Davis MP.

Home educators fall out with NSPCC over Victoria Climbie claims

Home education action group, AHEd has written to the NSPCC Chief Executive decrying libellous public comments made by their Child Protection Policy Advisor, Mr. Vijay Patel, smearing home educators as child abusers.

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