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Pamela Jean

Citizen based in Saint paul, MN, United States. Joined on Jan 7, 2007


Woman Fined For Noisy Sex, Headboard Banging Until 6 a.m. too Much for Neighbors

Residents complained for over 2 years about Kerry Norris and her boyfriend's all night sex sessions. The headboard banged from dusk til dawn. Men were missing work, children were wetting beds. "Enough is enough" they cried. We'll let the courts decide.

Professor Weary Of Making Corrections Suggests Overlooking Misspelled Words

University lecturer Dr. Ken Smith suggests that misspelled words be overlooked. His article published in the Times Higher Education magazine states that theses words should be considered "variants". He has comprised a list of the top 20 most misspelled.

Lawyers Filing Suit - Gardasil Has Suspected Link To Paralysis, Brain Damage & Death

Fed's are probing into records of over 8,000 adverse events reported since the 2006 FDA approval of the Merck vaccine touted as an HPV cancer preventative. Side effects reported include paralysis, immune system disorders and a record of 18 possible deaths

South Carolina's "I Believe" Faith Plate Under Fire From ACLU

So. Carolina's House & Senate have unanimously passed a bill allowing the creation of the faith plate. The license will feature a cross against a stained glass window with the words "I Believe" at the bottom. The ACLU, among others, is threatening suit.

Nude Maid Really Cleans Up In Florida Man's Home

She had run an ad on the Internet. Housekeeping in the nude - $100 bucks an hour. Sounded mighty good to one Florida man who hired the unknown woman and gave her his home address. She arrived wearing nothing but a one piece dress, but left with far more.

Homeless Woman Caught Living in Stranger's Closet

Authorities were shocked upon discovering a 58-year-old woman holed up on the upper most level of a man's closet. She had been living there for the better part of a year. The mysterious disappearance of food was the clue that led to her discovery.

Texas Appeals Court Rules That 460+ FLDS Children Should Not Have Been Removed

Breaking News: This just off of the CNN news feed: The State of Texas Appeals Court has ruled that the 460+ children removed from the FLDS compound should not have been taken. 38 women had taken their plea to the appeals court and won.

Doctor Refuses to Increase Sheyla Hershey's FFF-Sized Breasts

Dallas housewife Sheyla Hershey is carrying a gallon of silicone in her ample triple FFF breasts. Having already undergone 8 implant surgeries, and winning Brazil's "largest breasts" award Hershey says she wants more. But will surgeons say no way?

12-Year-Old Groomed to be Dominatrix by Mother

A mother and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged with using her 12 year old daughter to run a sex for profit business in Missouri. The girl was groomed, beginning in 2000, to perform sex acts with the boyfriend and other men for over two years.

Chinese Military Training Techniques Are Real Sticklers In Every Sense Of The Word

Often marvelled at for their almost non-human stance, photos recently released display the truth behind the impeccable posture demonstrated by the illustrious Officers of the People Paramilitary Police. Pins in their collars and crosses on their backs....

Bongs and 'Beer Goggles' Have Brits Banging Big Time

Seems Europeans are imbibing and inhaling at an ever increasing rate. The motivation - getting their rocks off, or should I say socks off. Binge drinking and drug use is being touted as the new Viagra for European youth, with the UK taking top honors.

As The Economy Crumbles More Are Forced To Sell Personal Belongings To Make Ends Meet

As the cost of food and energy rises and the unemployment numbers grow, more people are selling their personal belongings to raise cash. Items for sale on Craigslist have risen 70 per cent since last July, and the ads run are sounding more desperate.

Something's Fishy In Brooklyn Center And It Ain't A Meth Lab

Acting on a tip from a subcontractor with CentrePointe Energy police obtained a search warrant. What were they searching for and why? A meth lab. The sub told police that he "smelled something" in the house that had made him light headed and nauseated.

The Babysitter From Hell Arrested In South Minneapolis

Vanessa Sparks has been arrested for child endangerment. She was reported for dangling and 11-month-old baby out of a second-story window, and locking a 6-year-old out on top of the home's roof. She admitted that the children could have been hurt.

'As The World Turns' Nuke Gay Kiss Outrages The American Family Association

Procter & Gamble's daytime soap "As The World Turns" is taking some serious bashing from the AFA. Two of the characters on the long airing soap are involved in a gay relationship. Luke and Noah locked lips April 23rd, the first time in over a year.

Arkansas' 'Biggest Loser' Inmate Files Suit Against County Stating He Is Starving

Broderick Lloyd Laswell, 20, weighed in at a robust 413 lbs. when he was incarcerated eight months ago. He has withered away to a mere 308 since then, and is filing a suit against the county due to his drastic weight loss.

Los Angeles And The Battle Of The Bacon Dog

Los Angeles street vendors are in a pickle - well not a pickle exactly, as so far those aren't being regulated. The problem lies in the wrap, the bacon wrap to be precise. Seems LA has deemed bacon a hazardous food substance. Vendors are going broke.

Dumb Doper Award Goes To The Driver Who Abandoned A Truck Loaded With 1100 Lbs Of Pot

Police in Indianapolis are struttin' there stuff following the discovery of an abandoned pickup truck containing over 1100 pounds of marijuana. The street value of the find is estimated to be close to $1 million dollars.

39 Whirlpool Employees May Lose Their Jobs For Smoking On The Job

39 workers at the Whirlpool refrigeration plant in Evansville, Indiana are at risk of losing their jobs. Their crime? They lied about being smokers on their required employee insurance forms. Smokers are charged an extra $500 per year in premiums.

Greenpeace Puts Dove In Their Sights And Fires Off Viral "Onslaught(er)" Video

Greenpeace has launched a new video entitled "Onslaught(er)" in which they allege that Unilever, the makers of Dove products, are buying palm oil from suppliers that are destroying Indonesia's rain forests.
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