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Elliot Meszaros

Citizen based in Donvale, Australia, Australia. Joined on Mar 1, 2010


Cigarette packaging to go plain in world first

Australian cigarette packaging is set to undergo world first changes, according to the Rudd government, with bright colours, slogans and logos being replaced with plain packaging.

Study: Violent video games provide brain boost

Video games containing violence, such as Resident Evil and Call of Duty, make players smarter, new research from the Netherlands suggests.

U.S. scientists create bulletproof T-shirts

A new miracle material has been developed by a team of scientists that will soon turn simple T-shirts into sturdy armour.

Man accused of pushing wife off cliff for money

Sydney - "Sheer greed for money" motivated a newly-wed man to allegedly kill his wealthy wife by throwing her off a cliff, a New South Wales jury has been told.

Children 'tranquilised' by daycare worker

Vigo - A childcare worker in Spain has been charged over allegations that she gave tranquilisers to children aged from a few months to two years old at the centre where she worked.

Cigarettes might contain pig blood

Traces of pig's blood could be included in some cigarettes, warns an Australian academic. He also cautions that religious groups would find its hidden presence "very offensive".

Wikipedia planning major facelift

Some of the most significant changes set to take place on Wikipedia will make the site easier to use, according to its owners The Wikimedia Foundation.

Gloucester girl killed by boiling fat

Gloucester - An eight-year-old girl has died after boiling fat was tipped on her while she was helping to prepare for a birthday party.

Skin-whitening cream found at Jackson's mansion

Los Angeles - Skin-whitening cream and medical items have been found in Michael Jackson’s home after his death, according to recently unsealed search warrants.

Boy's 11 extra toes, fingers removed

Shenyang - A Chinese boy, who was born with six extra toes and five extra fingers, has undergone a five-hour long surgery to remove the unwanted digits.

World's fattest mother receiving death threats

After her recent public announcement that she was aiming to reach 450kg (992 lbs.) in just two years, the world's fattest mum, Donna Simpson, says that she has now received death threats.

Woman invites guest 'to eat partner'

After stabbing her boyfriend 26 times, a NSW Central Coast woman used her phone to send a message to another man, saying she wanted to eat her partner's corpse, writing: "I think he tastes good."

China: hen produces soft-shelled egg shaped like a figure eight

Hebei - After hearing a terrible ruckus outside, Mrs Dong went to investigate, finding that her hen had laid an egg shaped like a figure eight.

American teacher bites off part of stranger's ear

Northfield - A teacher is facing a felony assault charge after biting off part of a man's ear and then picking it up from the ground and putting it in her mouth.

US survey: Pet-owners love their dogs more than partners

According to a new survey, one third of Americans admit to missing their dog more than their partner when away from home.

New Jersey mother plans to become fattest woman alive

A 237-kg mother from New Jersey intends to become the world's fattest woman, aiming to reach 450kg (992 lbs.) in just two years. She said her favourite food is sushi but "I can sit and eat 70 big pieces of sushi in one go."

Drug-related violence rising in Mexico

Violence stemming from drugs left four people decapitated and a further 21 dead last Saturday in Mexico's southern Guerrero state.

Three killed by man after finding his girlfriend in a threesome

Brooklyn - A 50-year-old man in New York went crazy with rage after walking into a Brooklyn apartment to find his girlfriend having sex with two men; He killed all three of them, police say.

Dubai killing spoof parodied for advertisement

Surveillance footage of the alleged murderers of a Hamas commander has been used by an Israeli supermarket chain to promote its "killer" prices in a television advertisement.

Scientists: Brain scans can effectively read your mind

According to researchers, a persons thoughts, specifically their memories, can effectively be read by doing a scan of brain activity.
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