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Daniel Stafford

Citizen based in Olathe, KS, United States. Joined on Dec 20, 2008


Op-Ed: Rising Korean tensions

A few days ago, the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, was hit with artillery from its neighbor North Korea, resulting in the deaths of two South Korean soldiers and two civilians.

Op-Ed: TSA Scanners Prove to be a Scam

There is no denying that the TSA made an ignorant decision to mandate full body scans in airports. But, the scam is the main thing that should be addressed.

Op-Ed: BP agrees to $20 billion escrow fund

Tuesday night President Obama offered an address to the nation about the BP oil spill disaster and that there would be a fund set aside by BP. The $20 million escrow fund will be controlled by a non-biased independent third party.

Op-Ed: Obama's Katrina Moment Serves as Double Trouble

When President Bush reacted to Hurricane Katrina, many on the left argued he didn't react soon enough. And, while most on both sides agree with this argument, the talk of how Obama has handled the BP oil spill has not escalated to the same effect.

Russia Calls For Restraint After Iranian Missile Tests

Tensions are rising in and around Iran over their recent missile test-fires, both long and short-range. Also, there is new concern regarding the new discovery of a secret uranium enrichment plant.

Decision over missile defense system a technological reality

On the day after President Barack Obama announced a change in missile defense for European allies, backlash and concern among some lead to a further explanation to the decision.

Op-Ed: Is Afghanistan The Next Vietnam?

The conflict in Afghanistan has proven more difficult to fight recently, even with an increase of American troops. Which has been a cause for conflict among some. For others, they are left wondering whether or not we learned from history.

Op-Ed: Cash for Appliances and the New Green Agenda

With the U.S.-run "Cash for Clunkers" program coming to an end, there is a push for the new green agenda to continue in the form of a "Cash for Appliances" program.

Health Care Reform A 'Moral Obligation'

Today, President Obama worked at pitching health care reform with religious leaders in various communities of faith in a conference call.

Bill Clinton Visits North Korea

In a surprise trip to North Korea, former President Bill Clinton visited Kim Jong Il in an attempt to bring home Laura Ling and Euna Lee, two American journalists being detained.

Op-Ed: Is the Obama Health Care Bill Offensive to Some?

As more and more people read their way through HR 3200, the health care reform bill, the more scrutinizing it undergoes. One point of contention is the use of the term "mentally retarded", known to be offensive to some people.

North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles

South Korean news agencies are reporting breaking news of North Korea testing two short-range missiles off its eastern coast.

Terrorists Attack Luxury Pakistani Hotel

A week after Taliban leaders warned of coming attacks in populated cities, terrorists blast the Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan. Striking at 10 p.m., the suicide bombers amount to killing at least 12 and injuring some 70 plus.

North Korea Talks Of Possible War

North Korea has placed their troops on standby with a threat of “a war” if either Japan or the US shoots down what many to believe to be a test-fire of a long-range missile.

Iran Test Fires New Air-to-Surface Missile

Iranian media reports that Iran test fired a new missile that is said to be designed for use by military aircraft aimed at naval targets.

North Korea Missile Test, An International Crisis

North Korea is planning to test a missile, within the next three weeks, that is capable of reaching the continental United States. The Taepodong 2 missile is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Op-Ed: Abortion Torture and the Audacity of Hypocrisy

Newly elected President Barack Obama has recently issued two very controversial executive orders that have some screaming hypocrisy while others are left jumping for joy.

Presidents BlackBerry a Hacker's Delight

President Barack Obama was granted the use of a new BlackBerry that would allow him to remain in contact with select family and personnel, but it will also test the will of hackers world-wide.

N. Korea May Give Up Nukes in Exchange for Ties With U.S.

With the inauguration of now President Barack Obama, North Korea is now taking a position that it would give up nuclear weapons.

N. Korea Talks of 'Confrontational Posture' at S. Korea

After North Korea issued a statement offering “an all-out confrontational posture,” South Korea has placed its military on alert.
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