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The ecosystem of connected cars is becoming more complex

Connected cars are vehicles that can communicate bidirectionally with other systems outside of the car itself, providing opportunities for more sophisticated IoT and market growth. A new report surveys the trends.

Q&A: AV manufacturers are looking at tactile sensing technologies Special

According to Amit Nisenbaum, autonomous vehicle progress relies on treating AVs like blind pedestrians. This means the tactile tools cities can adopt to help AVs navigate safely and efficiently.

Tesla's Autopilot system system presents issues in new test

Tesla has recently made improvements to its Autopilot system and the technology is designed to take aspects of autonomous car technology forwards. However, tests by Consumer Reports have raised some concerns.

Self-driving cars advance — but will they be affordable?

Self-driving car technology continues to advance, especially in terms of the technology that provides the data to the car about its environment. But are these technologies too costly, making autonomous vehicles too expensive for the typical consumer?

Aurora self-driving startup worth $2 billion after new investment

The startup Aurora, which has an executive base drawn from Tesla, Uber, and Google, is set to be valued at over $2 billion following a new fundraising round. This significant sum shows the continuing vale of the autonomous car market.

Navigation startup for self-driving cars nabs $80 million

Chinese smart location and mapping service startup, that builds high-definition real-time maps for self-driving cars, has raised $80 million in a Series A funding round.

Making autonomous vehicles safer

The car company NEVS and the technology form Phantom Auto are to collaborate on autonomous vehicle technology, specifically in working on designs to help make vehicles safer.

Autonomous vehicles could be bad for the environment

Detroit - There are many advantages that can be delivered by autonomous cars but environmental impact might not be one of them unless modifications are undertaken to the size and weight of the technology, according to a new research study.

Self-driving robotic delivery vehicles tested

The automation of retail is extending out in many directions, from self-service to drones. Another area being developed is with self-driving delivery vehicles. A new startup has unveiled a robotic solution.

Microsoft AI simulator includes autonomous car research

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence simulator has been expanded to include autonomous car research. The company has announced that its AirSim system will be used for testing the safety of vehicle artificial intelligence systems.

New software detects if people text and drive

Waterloo - Using mobile devices while driving is fraught with danger, especially those who engage in texting. This is a concern for businesses who require drivers to transport goods. To alert drivers, new software has been developed.

Should we be worried about the Internet of Cars?

Developments with autonomous cars have received considerable attention recently as the technology advances. This has led some to consider going beyond the self-driving car to discuss the ‘Internet of cars’.

Charlie Miller claims thieves can hack self-driving cars remotely

During the ARM TechCon event in Santa Clara, Calif, Charlie Miller, a known security engineer at Uber, claims that next-generation thieves can steal an AI-driven driverless car remotely by hacking its software.

Op-Ed: 'Incredible failure of leadership': Apple scraps self-driving car

Apple has scrapped its long-rumoured self-driving car project, according to a credible report. The company had planned to launch "Project Titan" in 2019. However, internal in-fighting and catastrophic leadership failures have caused it to be abandoned.

Mercedes pulls ad for self-driving car because it's misleading

Mercedes-Benz has pulled an advertisement for their 2017 redesigned E-Class sedan after criticism from a number of consumer groups who claim the ads are misleading.

South Korea approves first driverless car

Seoul - South Korea has joined the growing ranks of countries starting to embrace the use of self-driving cars. The country’s first autonomous vehicle will be Hyundai's luxury sedan Genesis, which will have a state-of-the-art driving assist system.

Google takes 'some responsibility' for self-driving car/bus crash

Google was testing one of its' self-driving cars on Valentine's Day when the car struck a public bus on a street in Silicon Valley. It appears this is the first time one of the tech company's cars has caused a crash (albeit small) during testing.

Apple is looking for a testing ground for its self-driving car

Leaked documents have apparently confirmed Apple is building a self-driving car. Developed in Silicon Valley, the company is now looking for a secure location in the San Francisco Bay Area to use as a testing ground for the autonomous vehicle.

Male birth control, without condoms, will be here in a few years

Vasalgel, a reversible form of male birth control, is about to enter human trials. Vasalgel could hit the market by 2017.

Google designs prototype of driverless car

Google has produced the prototype of a car that can drive through busy streets without a driver. The driverless car has attracted media attention chiefly for the features it lacks — steering wheel, brake, dashboard, and accelerator.

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Waymo s self-driving reference vehicle Firefly 1
Waymo's self-driving reference vehicle Firefly 1
A Toyota Prius modified to operate as a Google self-driving car.
A Toyota Prius modified to operate as a Google self-driving car.
Steve Jurvetson
Audi s James 2025 is a cockpit concept demonstrating how the vehicle cockpit of the future will deal...
Audi's James 2025 is a cockpit concept demonstrating how the vehicle cockpit of the future will deal with automated driving modes.
© Audi
A very early version of Google’s self-driving vehicle
A very early version of Google’s self-driving vehicle
Photograph by Google
Google self-driving car project:  Prototype vehicle
Google self-driving car project: Prototype vehicle
Ford announces investiment of $1.0 biillion in Argo AI as the automotive company takes on Silicon Va...
Ford announces investiment of $1.0 biillion in Argo AI as the automotive company takes on Silicon Valley.
Ford Motors

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