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Venezuela doctors under regime pressure during UN visit

Caracas - Venezuelan doctors have come under pressure from President Nicolas Maduro's government for trying to alert a visiting UN mission about the severe lack of hospital medicine and equipment, NGOs say.

Ebola treatment centre in eastern DR Congo reopens after attack

Beni - An Ebola treatment centre in eastern DR Congo has reopened after an attack by gunmen last Wednesday forced its closure, the health ministry announced.

US Supreme Court stays execution of inmate with dementia

Washington - The US Supreme Court ordered Wednesday a hearing to determine whether a death row inmate with dementia is competent enough to understand why the state of Alabama wants to execute him.

Gabonese President Bongo makes post-stroke appearance

Libreville - President Ali Bongo, whose stroke last October plunged Gabon into uncertainty, held a string of meetings on Monday ahead of the first gathering of the cabinet, according to the government.

New Ebola case in eastern DR Congo, first in 23 days

Apo - A new case of Ebola has been confirmed in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo in an area where authorities believed the epidemic had been brought under control after 23 days without any fresh infections.

Trading in Venezuela's pain: Border vendors do brisk business in meds

C - With the HIV virus killing him, Giovanni Plaza fled Venezuela and was able in neighboring Colombia to receive desperately needed anti-retroviral medicine for free.

French watchdog sounds alert over chemicals in diapers

Paris - A French public health watchdog warned Wednesday about the risks of several chemicals found in disposable nappies, leading the government to demand that manufacturers withdraw them from their products.

After months abroad, Gabon's Bongo returns home

Libreville - Gabon's President Ali Bongo was back in Libreville on Tuesday after months abroad recovering from a stroke, ending an absence that saw an attempted coup by renegade soldiers.

After months abroad, Gabon's Bongo swears in new government

Libreville - Gabon's Ali Bongo was back in Libreville on Tuesday after months abroad recovering from a stroke, ending an absence that has spurred political turbulence.

Police investigate after US woman in coma gives birth at care facility

Los Angeles - Arizona police said Wednesday they have opened a sex assault investigation after a woman who has been in a coma for more than a decade gave birth to a baby boy at a nursing facility in Phoenix.

Gravely ill boy whose mother had to fight to visit from Yemen dies

San Francisco - A young boy whose mother had to fight for permission to visit him from Yemen as he lay gravely ill in a US hospital has died, a rights group said Saturday.

Patients flee after Ebola holding centre attacked in DRC

Beni - Patients being monitored as possible Ebola patients fled a camp in eastern DR Congo on Thursday after it was attacked by demonstrators protesting further delays to the country's election, the health ministry said.

Another Canadian diplomat diagnosed with Cuba brain injury

Ottawa - Another Canadian diplomat in Havana has been diagnosed with a mysterious brain trauma that in 2016 started afflicting Canadian and US officials in the Cuban capital, a senior official said Thursday.

Winter risks 'dire' for 1 mln children in MENA region: UNICEF

Apo - The UN children's fund warned Tuesday that a funding gap and the start of winter could leave nearly one million children "out in the cold" in the Middle East and North Africa.

Austria tiring of being 'ashtray of Europe'

Vienna - Austria is tiring of its reputation as "the ashtray of Europe" -- at least according to the results of a nationwide petition backing a ban on smoking in cafes and restaurants.

Three cases of polio detected in Niger: ministry  

Niamey - Health officials have detected three cases of polio in southern Niger, near the border with Nigeria, the health ministry said Friday, just months after a major UN vaccination operation.

Canadian Nobel physics laureate hails womens' progress

Waterloo - Canada's Donna Strickland, the first female Nobel Prize winner in physics since 1963, said Tuesday that women have "come a long way" since the previous laureate, Maria Goeppert Mayer."When I get on my soapbox if I'm teaching them, I talk about Mary.

Many doctors in India miss TB signs: study

Washington - Many private sector doctors in India miss the signs of tuberculosis and therefore provide patients inadequate treatment, according to a new study published Tuesday involving people hired to act out the symptoms.

DR Congo says latest Ebola outbreak under control

Apo - Health authorities in Kinshasa declared the Ebola virus under control five weeks after the latest outbreak left 89 people dead in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Russian trolls spread misinformation in vaccine debate

Washington - Russian trolls and bots on Twitter attempted to influence the debate over vaccine safety with the aim of sowing discord among the US public on hot-button issues in the run-up to the 2016 election, US researchers reported this week.

Vaccine row erupts in Italy as populist govt seeks to ease rules

Rome - A row is erupting over vaccines in Italy as the country's new populist government fights to roll back a law that bans children from attending school if they haven't received a series of jabs.

Torture goes on for families of Colombia's disappeared

Apo - Colombia's decades of conflict have caused more "disappeared" than South America's military dictatorships put together, and the anguish still goes on, as the "living dead" leave hundreds of thousands of survivors in the grip of mental anguish, psycholo...

War of words over DR Congo's humanitarian crisis as children die

Kananga - A war of words has broken out between the United Nations and the DR Congo government which is shunning a donor conference in Geneva to raise $1.7 billion to tackle a humanitarian crisis that Kinshasa says has been vastly exaggerated by aid workers.

French pensioners, health aides kick off Macron reform protests

Paris - Pensioners and retirement home workers staged protests across France on Thursday, kicking off a series of strikes against President Emmanuel Macron's reforms.

Breakthrough to end protests on French island Mayotte

Mamoudzou - The French government hoped Wednesday to have brokered an end to a month of protests on its Indian Ocean island territory of Mayotte, where locals have been blocking streets to protest living standards and security problems.

Icy blast from Siberia sweeps across Europe

Paris - A wintry blast of freezing temperatures swept across Europe on Sunday, with a biting wind from Siberia claiming four lives and endangering the continent's homeless -- with the worst yet to come.

Carnival madness brings joy to Rio mental institute

Rio De Janeiro - For residents of a Rio de Janeiro mental institute, carnival madness means more than just fun.

100 years after 'Spanish flu', new global pandemics feared

Davos - Ebola, zika, SARS: a century after the "Spanish flu" killed 50 million people, humanity now risks a new wave of deadly diseases, and in today's globalised world another such pandemic may be unavoidable, experts warned at the Davos summit this week.

Haiti's killer cholera epidemic could end this year: UN

Port-au-prince - Haiti's killer cholera epidemic could be over this year, the United Nation's children's fund said on Friday, as the number of cases declines following the world's most virulent outbreak in modern times.

Sierra Leone health workers sue government in Ebola case

Dakar - Two Sierra Leonean health workers on Friday sued their government in a West African court, alleging its misuse of donor funds during the Ebola crisis had contributed to the deaths of thousands.
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