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Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign

Any parent will tell you nothing is worse than losing a child. Yet, the latest bizarre behavior by the so-called Sandy Hook "truthers" could only make coping harder for Lynn McDonnell and other parents.

Newtown Starbucks closes ahead of planned gun rights rally

Faced with the prospect of armed gun rights activists gathering in their shop, the management of the Newtown, Ct., Starbucks wanted no part of it and decided to close early.

Sandy Hook students release 'Over the Rainbow' for charity

Students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut released a record of the Academy Award winning classic song (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow Tuesday on iTunes and Amazon for charity.

NRA launches 'NRA - Practice Range,' an ages 4+ iOS game

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has launched a shooting range simulation game for the Apple iOS called "NRA: Practice Range" in which the ratings are 4+.

Sandy Hook students and staff will head back to school Thursday

Newtown - Students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School will resume classes on Thursday since last month's last shootings that claimed 28 lives, including the perpetrator.

UK to US on Piers Morgan: Sorry, no returns accepted

British citizens, in response to the pro-gun advocates' petition wanting Piers Morgan to be deported from the US, are begging the UK government not to take him back.

GOP Pollster on the NRA: It isn't listening to public opinion

Frank Luntz, a GOP pollster and top strategist, said that the National Rifle Association (NRA) isn't listening to public opinion. This is in respect by the solution given out by NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre.

US gun control talks draw many crossing ideological lines

The debate on both sides of gun legislation has turned into debates such as: armed guards vs. armed educators, mental health, states rights vs. federal mandates, etc.

After the NRA press conference, leaders stick to their guns

When on shows such as NBC's "Meet the Press," ABC's "This Week," and CBS' "Face the Nation," NRA leaders "stuck to their guns" and stood firm in support for armed guards and in opposition for more gun control laws.

Gamer TriForce Johnson to NRA's Wayne LaPierre: 'This means war'

The gamer community is pushing back against the comment made by NRA's Wayne LaPierre in regards that video games are to blame for Sandy Hook. Isaiah "TriForce" Johnson, a high-profile figure in the video game community and industry, is pushing back.

Fallout of the NRA's press conference continues increasing

After NRA vice-president and CEO Wayne LaPierre talked about armed guards at every school being the solution and blaming video games, the group has been receiving more negative publicity. It does bring up talks about increased security at schools.

Ted Nugent on Sandy Hook: 'Political correct society' to blame

Ted Nugent, the rocker & politically conservative pundit, spoke about Sandy Hook. He blamed the shooting on a "spiritually bankrupt" society.

Video: 'Demand a Plan' gun control PSA

The group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns has launched a public service announcement (PSA) calling forth upon Americans to urge Congress to act on the issue of gun control.

NRA press conference on Sandy Hook receives very mixed responses

The National Rifle Association (NRA) gave its response to preventing tragedies such as Sandy Hook from happening again. It's proposal has received very mixed responses.

Video game industry receives political heat for Newtown Tragedy

As blame is pointed towards guns, blame is also pointed towards video games. Senator Jay Rockefeller D-WV plans to introduce a bill calling to research video game violence.

Finding the 'middle ground' in the growing debate about firearms

In further talks about addressing the umbrella of gun control legislation, there is the talk about meeting at the "middle ground" when bringing up the issue.

Photo Essay: The outpouring of support for Newtown Connecticut

Newtown - There is an old saying that says "a picture can say a thousand words", and as many around the world struggle to find the words to express their emotions and sympathies for the families of those killed in Newtown, images are sometimes all they have.

FDNY honors Sandy Hook victim who dreamt of being a firefighter

Newtown - Daniel Barden, a student at Sandy Hook Elementary School, idolized his father's cousins who are firefighters with the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

Gun control, gun rights & the talk of gun safety after Sandy Hook

While the NRA and other gun rights advocates are being demonized, other people are calling upon them to join an open discussion about gun control and gun safety.

Experts & Parents: Don't blame autism for the Newtown Tragedy

With talks about Adam Lanza having something like autism or Asperger's, parents of children with such conditions & medical experts have rejected the notion that the condition is to blame for Sandy Hook.

NC Tea Party chapter holds a gun raffle in response to Newtown

In response to the Newtown shooting and the growing calls for gun control legislation, a North Carolina branch of the Tea Party responded with a gun raffle.

Playing dead, 'God’s grace' helps child survive Newtown shooting

Newtown - When gunman Adam Lanza burst into a first grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School, he began shooting indiscriminately at children, killing all but one little girl.

NRA, after being silent, speaks out about the Newtown Tragedy

After being silent for a few days after the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, the NRA broke its silence and said that it was saddened with what happened. It plans to hold a press conference on December 21.

Anonymous continue OpWestboro campaign

Topeka - The hactivist group Anonymous is continuing its campaign against Westboro Baptist Church, targeting Twitter accounts and even the church's internet and cable accounts.

New Newtown hero emerges, finds children sitting in his driveway

Newtown - A new hero from the Newtown tragedy has emerged in the form of a 69-year-old retired psychologist who lives a few blocks from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Golden retrievers travel from Chicago to Newtown to give comfort

To provide comfort to those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, a Chicago-based charity has sent 10 golden retriever dogs to Newtown to provide comfort in a time of mourning and grieving.

Newtown Tragedy, the blame & finger-pointing that follows after

While the NRA is receiving a lot of blame from those angered at what happened in Newtown, there is finger-pointing in all directions as other people have their say on who or what is to blame.

Gun control activists take battle right to the NRA's front door

Washington - Increased anger towards the silent NRA continues. Gun control activists took to the streets and demonstrated in front of the NRA office in Capitol Hill.

Op-Ed: Strike while the iron is hot on gun control and save lives

Newtown - Another day, another gun-toting disaster in the United States of America as the nation comes to terms with the latest tragedy. But when your first thought upon this catastrophe is ''not again,'' you know there is something seriously wrong in this society.

Anonymous targets Westboro, releases addresses, phone numbers

The hacker group Anonymous has targeted the website of Westboro Baptist Church after the church announced plans to protest Sandy Hook Elementary School.
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newtown connecticut Image

A friend of an imgur member created this Sandy Hook tribute mural.
A friend of an imgur member created this Sandy Hook tribute mural.
Guns Adam Lanza Used
Guns Adam Lanza Used
Newtown Settles In for prayerful  somber Christmas
Newtown Settles In for prayerful, somber Christmas
CTM NEWS /Twitter
Bastogne Mayor helped schoolchildren plant 26 trees in tribute to Newtown Victims
Bastogne Mayor helped schoolchildren plant 26 trees in tribute to Newtown Victims
US Embassy/Twitter
It is with a great deal of love and prayer that Our Lady of the Lake School 7th and 8th Graders  Mou...
It is with a great deal of love and prayer that Our Lady of the Lake School 7th and 8th Graders, Mound, MN, send this picture to Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT. 26 candles burned during our school Mass this morning. We are holding your community in our prayers and hearts.
Sandy Hook Elementary School/Facebook
Beautiful Display of Newtown Support
Beautiful Display of Newtown Support
Pakistani school children lighting candles for the victims of Newtown  CT shooting
Pakistani school children lighting candles for the victims of Newtown, CT shooting
NFL Star Chris Johnson Honors Newtown Victims
NFL Star Chris Johnson Honors Newtown Victims
Bangalore  India  shows Newtown support
Bangalore, India, shows Newtown support
Patriot Guard members show support of Sandy Hook victims.
Patriot Guard members show support of Sandy Hook victims.
imgur/ theresalovesimgur
Rest in Peace our Beautiful Little Angels and The Six Beautiful Ladies you are Our Hero s. God Bless...
Rest in Peace our Beautiful Little Angels and The Six Beautiful Ladies you are Our Hero's. God Bless all the Families you are in our Hearts
Sandy Hook Elementary School/Facebook
Gene Rosen describes finding 6 children who had escaped the Sand Hook School massacre sitting in his...
Gene Rosen describes finding 6 children who had escaped the Sand Hook School massacre sitting in his driveway.
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