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Essential Science: Linking inflammation with mental sluggishness

Is out mental sharpness connected with inflammation in the body, in that inflammation causes mental sluggishness? New research suggests there is a connection between the physiological state of the body and brain function.

Dark chocolate consumption reduces stress

The results of the first human trials examining the influence of dark chocolate consumption on cognition and other brain functions, shows a marked reduction in both stress and markers for inflammation.

Environment around babies affects later health

A new study has shown babies subjected to poor environmental health in the first few months are more likely to develop problem health conditions as they become older. The specific concern is with inflammation in adulthood.

How lack of sleep fuels marital stress

Lack of sleep carries many social ills, from grumpiness to relationship issues. It can also lead to something else more serious: stress-related inflammation.

Bad mix of gut microbes triggers age-associated inflammation

Inflammation increases with age and this leads to ill-health problems. One of the triggers appears to be the balance of microorganisms in the gut. This is based on studies using mice and the findings may well apply to people.

Ultraviolet light can control inflammation

With a potential medical breakthrough scientists have come up with d a chemical tool to control inflammation, one that is activated by ultraviolet light.

Stress can affect brain function and memory

A new study into the effects of long-term stress has shown the condition can affect brain inflammation and that this, in turn, affects short-term memory function.

Essential Science: Health effects of antibiotic use

A disturbing, newly issued report suggests just one single course of antibiotics can disrupt the microbial composition in the gut sufficiently to trigger a spate of unintended ill-health effects. Digital Journal gets to the bottom of the issue.

Put away the candy if you’re over 50

Ever wondered why kids can eat lots and lots of sweets without any ill effects? Noting at the same time that older people have problems coping with the sugar rush? Buck Institute researchers have an answer.

Bacteria linked to type 2 diabetes

A new research study suggests that bacteria may have a role in whether a person develops type 2 diabetes. At this stage, the finding is based on an animal model.

Diet may affect inflammatory bone disease

Changes to the bacterial ecosystem of the human gut, induced by certain diets, can alter the chances of inflammatory bone diseases developing. This is because the bacteria are able to modify the immune response.

Potential new drug may bring hope for Alzheimer's sufferers

New York - Experiments conducted by researchers at Sidney Strickland’s Laboratory of Neurobiology and Genetics at Rockefeller University have discovered a compound which may stop the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Bleach can treat inflammation

Scientists have shown that the active ingredient in bleach can reduce inflammation by targeting an activator in the immune system of mice.

Human body clock affects inflammation

Disrupting the light-dark cycle of mice increased their susceptibility to inflammatory disease. New research indicates that the production of a key immune cell is controlled by the body's circadian clock.

Cocoa could be a natural way to curb obesity related disease

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth but have been staying away from chocolate temptations, you’ll be happy to know cocoa has a new health surprise. Recent findings show cocoa appears to fight chronic inflammation that can lead to type-2 diabetes and more

Another reason to brush — Dental hygiene related to dementia risk

A new study suggests people who brush their teeth and gums regularly may have a lower risk of developing dementia in later life.

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