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Fracking News

Fracking comes to Alaska, triggering new oil boom

Prudhoe Bay - The Arctic region hold great allure for global oil companies, despite opposition from green groups and Obama's 2016 ban on drilling in federal Arctic waters. However, over the past year, huge oil reserves have been found on Alaska's North Slope.

Geothermal energy — How we harness this energy source (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our look into the Earth's heat energy as a renewable energy source, we discovered this heat has been used for millennia to bathe us and in creating mechanical power. Let's look at the ways we are extracting this energy for electricity.

Geothermal energy — An under-exploited energy source (Part 1)

In our search for clean, cost-effective sources of renewable energy to mitigate the effects of climate change, one source of that energy has been right under our feet all along — Geothermal energy is not only clean and sustainable, but it is eco-friendl

Op-Ed: Election hacking report objects to Russian critique of fracking

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has a substantial section in its report on 2016 U.S. election hacking by Russia that focuses upon the Russian govenrment-funded channel RT as overtly anti-American.

EPA agrees that fracking has a potential impact on drinking water

Weeks away from getting a new chief who is fracking-friendly, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally released its final report on the threat posed to our drinking water by fracking.

Groundbreaking study shows link to fracking and earthquakes

Fox Creek - In a University of Calgary study of earthquakes west of Fox Creek, Alberta, the geoscientists discovered a link between fracturing, or fracking, and earthquakes in the region.

Controversial new fracking to go ahead in U.K.

The path is clear for fracking to go ahead in the U.K. after the British government upheld a fracking appeal in what is being heralded as a landmark ruling, paving the way for shale gas extraction.

New genus of bacteria found in fracking wells

Dig deep and there are potentially hundreds of bacteria on Earth that have yet to be discovered or characterized. One recent discovery relates to fracking where a new genus of bacteria has been discovered.

Okla. earthquake forces shutdown of fracking disposal wells

Pawnee - The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has ordered 35 toxic waste disposal wells shut down because they may have played a role in the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that was felt in six states on Saturday.

Feds blame railroad for oil train derailment, spill in Oregon

Portland - Calls for a U.S. ban on shipping oil by train got louder last week after federal investigators put the blame for a June 3 oil train derailment on Union Pacific Railroad.

UK anti-fracking groups to fight on after landmark decision

London - Campaigners in Britain said Tuesday they would take their fight against fracking national after the first scheme since 2011 was given the green light.

Duke study: Fracking has poisoned North Dakota's soil and water

Durham - A study of 3,900 fracking waste-water spill sites in North Dakota has revealed that soil and water contamination is widespread and persistent, endangering the health of humans, wildlife and the environment.

Australian river near fracking site bursts into flames

Chinchilla - In a protest against coal seam gas leaking into South West Queensland's Condamine River, NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham headed to the river and hopped on a boat. Then he sparked a lighter a few inches above the water and the river burst into flames.

Fracking puts 7.9 million people at risk of man-made earthquakes

Oklahoma City - About 7.9 million people are now at risk from man-made earthquakes, especially in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Arkansas according to the U.S. Geological Survey in a report issued earlier this week.

Public outcry spurs Florida to drop Everglades fracking bill

Florida environmentalists have had a bit of good news after state lawmakers, bowing to public outcry, unexpectedly dropped a bill backed by the oil industry that would have promoted fracking in the ecologically sensitive Everglades.

EPA report saying fracking is safe doubted by its own scientists

An Environmental Protection Agency report released in June on the impacts of fracking on water quality is now being called into question — by none other than the agency's own scientists.

Canadian regulator: 4.6 magnitude quake caused by fracking

British Columbia's energy regulator has confirmed that a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in northeast British Columbia in August was caused by fracking and is likely to be the largest fracking-induced seismic event ever recorded.

Fracking dispute heats up in U.S.

The controversial practice of fracking is at the center of a new health debate in the U.S. This is over whether the practice pose a risk of causing silicosis.

The 'myths' persist over human-caused seismic activity

Human-caused seismic activity creates "induced earthquakes." There are a number of myths surrounding the cause of these Earth tremors, and there are a number of misconceptions, too. One geologist tries to explain what is fact and what is fiction.

Wave Home Solutions is making waves in clean air and water

The world we live in is changing every day, and not all these changes are for the better. Decisions are being made that result in actions which change the way people interact with the planet, and the thing is that not everyone has a say in these changes.

Oil and gas operations dumping hazardous waste into rivers

Scientists have documented two new potentially hazardous contaminants, ammonium and iodide, in oil and gas production wastewater being discharged into rivers and streams in Pennysylvania, from both convential drilling operations and fracking.

Citing health concerns, New York state bans fracking

Albany - New York state's environmental commissioner announced on Wednesday that he will ban hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, due to health concerns associated with the controversial fossil fuel extraction technique.

Study shows leaking wells, not fracking, causes tainted water

Based on a new study, it wasn't fracking that caused contamination of groundwater in Pennsylvania and Texas. It was leaky pipes and cement casements transporting the methane gas to the surface that caused the tainted water.

Oil companies fracking dangerously close to water sources

According to a new study performed by researches at Stanford University, oil and gas companies are fracking much closer to underground water sources than previously thought.

Op-Ed: Putin uses army to manipulate oil prices

Mariupol - Making him among perhaps the most cynical, if short-sighted, world leaders in history, Russia’s president is attacking and then withdrawing from Ukraine to drive oil prices up.

Op-Ed: Hitler outpolled Putin

Moscow - Much has been reported recently about Russian President Vladimir Putin doing better in polls than President Barack Obama. But Hitler did far better.

Op-Ed: Putin declares war on the Ukraine and McDonalds

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin is making the same grave mistake his Soviet predecessors did. He is using the country’s oil exports to finance his bid to restore his country to greatness it never had.

Report finds some fracking using diesel without permit

An investigation by an environmental watchdog group has found that some fracking operations are using diesel fuel without a permit, as required by federal law. Industry groups, and at least one state regulatory agency, dispute the findings.

Op-Ed: Congress and Bureau of Land Management is raping America's lands

The Bureau of Land Management's web site states their mission is “to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of America’s lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations." But will our grandchildren have anything left to enjoy

Prime Minister Cameron's home 'fracked' by Greenpeace

British Prime Minister David Cameron had his home "fracked" yesterday as Greenpeace protested future legislation which permits companies to explore for shale gas under private property without permission.
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Fracking Image

Fracking by Haliburton in Bakken.
Fracking by Haliburton in Bakken.
Joshua Doubek
North American shale gas basins.
North American shale gas basins.
House damage in central Oklahoma from the magnitude 5.6 earthquake on Nov. 6  2011. Research conduct...
House damage in central Oklahoma from the magnitude 5.6 earthquake on Nov. 6, 2011. Research conducted by USGS geophysicist Elizabeth Cochran and her university-based colleagues suggests that this earthquake was induced by injection into deep disposal wells in the Wilzetta North field.
US Geological Survey
Sources of contamination caused by fracking.
Sources of contamination caused by fracking.
Pete WDHCo
Nancy Lauer and Jennifer Harkness sample water and soil.
Nancy Lauer and Jennifer Harkness sample water and soil.
Avner Vengosh
People protest against fracking in California  in Los Angeles May 30  2013
People protest against fracking in California, in Los Angeles May 30, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Lucy Nicholson
Wastewater from fracking operation being dumped into pond in Shafter  Kern County  California. Notic...
Wastewater from fracking operation being dumped into pond in Shafter, Kern County, California. Notice the sludge on top of the dirty water?
Fast News
Anti-fracking demonstration in New York.
Anti-fracking demonstration in New York.
Adrian Kinlock/flickr
Josh Fix  giving a TEDx talk  in 2010  in West Vancouver  BC  USA
Josh Fix, giving a TEDx talk, in 2010, in West Vancouver, BC, USA
Alliance Films
Balcombe Camp resident reads newspaper fracking story (28 July 2013)
Balcombe Camp resident reads newspaper fracking story (28 July 2013)
Frack Off
The TransAlaska Pipeline carries oil from Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope to Valdez  Alaska.
The TransAlaska Pipeline carries oil from Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope to Valdez, Alaska.
Ryan McFarland from Petersburg, AK
The Hallowich family received a settlement of $750 000 from Range Resources Corp. along with a gag o...
The Hallowich family received a settlement of $750,000 from Range Resources Corp. along with a gag order that stops them from ever speaking about hydralic fracturing or fracking in their lifetimes, after their farm and drinking water were badly contaminated by the fracking process.
Anti-fracking protesters in New York City  August 2012.
Anti-fracking protesters in New York City, August 2012.
Balcombe community blockade Cuadrilla s fracking site  July 2013
Balcombe community blockade Cuadrilla's fracking site, July 2013
Frack Off
Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Pennsylvania  USA
Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Pennsylvania, USA
A caribou walks next to a section of the pipeline north of the Brooks Range.  The pipeline carries o...
A caribou walks next to a section of the pipeline north of the Brooks Range. The pipeline carries oil from the Arctic and Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope to Valdez, Alaska.
Stan Shebs
Nancy E. Lauer, Jennifer S. Harkness, and Avner Vengosh*