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Op-Ed: The very useful ‘Off Facebook Activity’ settings you need to see

Sydney - Much criticism of Facebook is about the sheer quantity of data it absorbs about user activities. In a much-underpublicized way, Facebook has a way of fixing some issues with “Off Facebook Activity” settings.

How to set up Facebook friends/groups

Facebook world mirrors the real world: it’s entirely possible that a few of your “friends” will not fully appreciate or except the nuances of your viewpoint on every topic.

Op-Ed: Why my family got off Facebook

Two years ago, my family decided to delete our Facebook accounts and we have never been happier. Maybe it's time for more of us to do the same.

Op-Ed: Scientists teaching computers to recognize sarcasm

New York City - It may terrify or please you to learn that researchers are teaching computers to recognize sarcasm, purportedly so computers can make more sense of human communications, according to an article published today in

Facebook's ad targeting opt-out is not enough, say experts

Facebook plans to sell sharing data to advertisers that serve targeted ads beginning next month. To offset privacy concerns, Facebook offers a new tool to allow users to opt-out of targeted ads.

Facebook wins privacy case in Canada

After losing an earlier case which ruled Facebook had violated user's privacy, the tech giant wins appeal at Canadian Supreme Court.

Facebook admits mistake on emotional manipulation study

Social media giant Facebook admitted that it made a mistake in conducting the study, which in June set off a huge furor for manipulating users' emotions on the social site.

Op-Ed: Using Facebook 'Likes' to predict personality can be dangerous Special

Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act, so said George Orwell, author of "1984." Computers and the Internet have not only made the most significant advances in our lives possible, it has also been an unwitting betrayer.

17K join Austrian student's Facebook privacy class action lawsuit

Vienna - Thousands of Facebook users have joined an Austrian law student's class action lawsuit accusing the social media giant of violating their online privacy.

GCHQ admits snooping on Google and social networks of UK citizens

The UK government has said its intelligence service GCHQ can carry out surveillance on UK citizens' use of Facebook, Google web searches, YouTube and Twitter uses without an individual warrant because the social networks are based overseas.

Facebook switches default settings again

Facebook made the default setting public for a period of five years. It has now reversed its policy to make it a private profile initially after criticisms about publicity of people who do not want to be public.

Facebook to pay $20 million for sharing users’ details on ads

Facebook has been ordered to compensate more than 600,000 users for having shared their personal details in ads on the site without their consent. Each user will receive a $15 payout.

German privacy agency orders changes to Facebook real name policy

German lawmakers are once again coming at Facebook over privacy issues. This time the country's data protection officers say Facebook's requirement of its members to use their real names violates German laws.

Review: The latest Facebook scams to watch out for

Scams on the web seem to never go away. The latest scams or rumors on Facebook increase as the company continues to add users at home and around the world.

Facedeals: An offer we should probably refuse (update)

Facial recognition just got real as Redpepper begins testing its product on the public through business to consumer deals.

Yahoo! denies molesting your privacy on Facebook

An exec from Yahoo! denies allegations that the company molests the privacy of Facebook users without their knowledge. Instead, he said the opposite, Yahoo! cares about your privacy.

Minnesota girl, 12, sues school, cops, over Facebook privacy

Minneapolis - The lawsuit, backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, was brought after a middle school student was forced to give her passwords to her school.

Women and young adults like to 'unfriend' on social networks

Washington - Approximately 60% of internet users 'social network.' What is 'privacy' in the social networking world when people share numerous personal details over the internet. Have the general public given up privacy rights? Pew Research Center investigates.

Op-Ed: Facebook admits deleted photos aren't really removed

A few years ago Ars Technica contacted Facebook about a problem where researchers found photos "deleted" from Facebook profiles were still available if an individual had the direct URL to the photo.

Online seminar for parents about Facebook

Parents will have a chance to hear in detail about the safety of their kids being online. They will learn about kids' communication on the Internet.

Op-Ed: Facebook tracking cookies track you after you log off- study

Sydney - Facebook keeps getting in to the news for all the wrong reasons. The latest is a study of Facebook cookies, which indicates that the cookies and Facebook buttons on websites can still track you- after you log off, wherever you are.

Facebook Revamps Privacy Control

Today, Facebook has unveiled changes that allow users greater control over who is allowed to view what on a user's profile.

Facebook, literally — Face recognition tags raise privacy fears

Facebook’s use of facial recognition technology on photos pasted on the site is alarming a lot of privacy experts. The “Tag Suggestions” feature is the culprit, and some would say the smoking gun.

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Violent extremist and hate groups continue to get their materials posted onto social media sites lik...
Violent extremist and hate groups continue to get their materials posted onto social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, despite strong efforts to block it, a US Senate panel was told.
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The new inline privacy settings
The new inline privacy settings
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