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$35 mn penalty for not telling investors of Yahoo hack

San Francisco - US securities regulators on Tuesday announced that Altaba will pay a $35 million penalty for not telling them hackers had stolen Yahoo's "crown jewels.

Marissa Mayer wants to be a CEO again

Now that Yahoo is safely in the hands of its new owner, Verizon, its famous CEO Marissa Mayer is looking for her next CEO gig.

Yahoo Mail rolls out a completely rebuilt app with ad-free option

Yahoo has unveiled a complete overhaul of its web-based Mail application. The company has replaced the aging design with a clean and modern interface. It's also introduced the option of paying for a subscription that removes the ads from the service.

Marissa Mayer fades out as Yahoo ends its run

San Francisco - Marissa Mayer was hailed as Yahoo's savior when she took charge of the pioneering internet firm five years ago.

Kremlin denies involvement after Yahoo cyberattack charges

Moscow - The Kremlin on Thursday denied any official Russian involvement in cybercrimes after the US indicted two FSB intelligence agents over cyberattacks on Yahoo that compromised 500 million accounts.

Russia runs up cyber score against US with Yahoo, election hacks

Washington - US charges that Russia's FSB security service was behind the hacking of Yahoo underscored a worrisome run of successes in Moscow's cyber-efforts against its longtime rival.

US charges two Russian spies in massive Yahoo cyberattack

Washington - Two Russian intelligence agents and a duo of hackers were indicted Wednesday over a data breach that compromised 500 million Yahoo accounts in one of the largest cyberattacks in history.

Yahoo: 'State-sponsored' actors behind biggest data breach ever

Yahoo has said it believes "state-sponsored" actors were behind a massive data breach in 2013 that it only revealed today. The company said one billion user accounts could be affected. Customers have been advised to change all their passwords.

Yahoo reveals new hack, this time a billion-plus users

Washington - Yahoo said personal data from over a billion users was stolen in a hack dating back to 2013 -- twice as big as another breach disclosed just three months ago.

Yahoo: one billion user accounts were hacked in 2013

Sunnyvale - Internet giant Yahoo announced Wednesday that a 2013 hack by an unknown third party compromised the accounts of more than one billion users.

Yahoo reveals more details about massive hack

San Francisco - Yahoo provided more details on Wednesday about an epic hack of its services, including that the culprits may have planted software "cookies" for ongoing access to users' accounts.In revelations that could jeopardize the company's pending $4.

Yahoo says it didn't disable email forwarding to stop you leaving

Yahoo has turned back on email forwarding, a week after switching it off without warning. Some critics have suggested the company did it deliberately to stop customers leaving after it revealed 500 million customer accounts were accessed back in 2014.

Full extent of Yahoo attack revealed

Yahoo has finally revealed the extent of a "state-sponsored" hack. Back in 2014, hackers stole data relating to 500 million. This was probably the largest publicly disclosed cyber-breach in history.

Op-Ed: Yahoo is dead — The reasons behind the dinosaur's downfall

As the dinosaur's downfall seals the end of an era in the history of the Internet, the main question people are asking is "Why did Yahoo fail?" Theory and speculation are raging through the web, but let's give a look at the most reasonable ones.

Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8 billion

In one of the biggest Internet company acquisitions in history, Verizon has bought Yahoo for $4.8 billion. The wireless provider will obtain all of Yahoo’s online search tools, content, and other digital properties.

Op-Ed: Court forces Google and Microsoft to ban pre-birth gender tests

The highest court in India has taken drastic action to stop big tech companies from allowing adverts for pre-birth gender tests to be shown to Indian Internet users.

Competition to buy Internet giant Yahoo starting to heat up

London - Talks are underway in London between potential bidders for venerable Internet giant Yahoo, led by England's Daily Mail newspaper and websites.

New job cuts expected by ailing tech giant Yahoo

Sunnyvale - Ailing Internet giant Yahoo could cut 15 percent of its workforce and close several business units in a cost-cutting move expected to be announced tomorrow.

Yahoo's new video app guides you from searching to streaming

Yahoo has announced a new video guide app for smartphones designed to cut down the time required to find a show to watch and start streaming it. Yahoo Video Guide can help you decide what to watch based on your mood.

Yahoo to spin off everything except its stake in Alibaba

Yahoo has changed its mind and will not spin off its stake in Alibaba. Instead, Yahoo will spin off its core Internet business.

Op-Ed: Stocks close lower on oil price concerns

It might also signal that workers are willing to demand higher wages before accepting a new job. Meanwhile, October was the third-strongest month for hires since the recession ended in 2009.

Op-Ed: Cheap oil sinking stock markets

Cheap oil has already affected global markets and economies in countless ways, from disrupting Venezuelan politics to sinking the Russian ruble and introducing the world to “low-flation.”

Yahoo's all-new Messenger app lets you like and unsend messages

Yahoo has launched a complete remake of its almost-forgotten messaging service, Messenger. The new-look app debuts online and on mobile devices today and includes some unique features that aren't available in rival apps.

Rise of the robotic journalist: Welcome to the future Special

For reporters on the business or sports beat, some stories can be boring, monotonous, and stressful all at once. The stories can seem rather…robotic. As well they might, because some stories are being written by robots.

Digicel wants Google to pay up or it will block its ads

A mobile carrier in Jamaica wants Google, Facebook and Yahoo to pay money or they will block their ads from being shown to its customers.

Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg dies suddenly

Famed Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg has died suddenly at the age of 47. Described by Mark Zuckerberg as "an amazing person," Goldberg was married to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and has long been a key player in Silicon Valley.

Microsoft's Bing is finally eating into Google into the U.S.

A market research firm has found Microsoft's Bing search engine powered more than 20 percent of U.S. searches for the first time in history last month, taking a large chunk out of Google's share. The story is rather different outside of the U.S. though.

Yahoo begins process of eradicating passwords

Yahoo has released a new system of logging in to Yahoo Mail that eliminates the need for remembering long, secure passwords. Instead, passwords are generated "on demand" when required at the time of login.

Trailer: 'Community' enters a new dean-mension

In just two weeks, the quirky comedy that could, 'Community,' will see its season-six debut on Yahoo. While details had been tightly under wraps, audiences can now get an idea of what to expect.

Are social media-driven sites a failing fad? Special

Some computer gurus tell us that social media participation is declining from “participation plateau,” caused by too many demands on time, yet as some sites see numbers reduced, there is more to social media activity than what those numbers show.
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Karen Bleier, AFP/File
Yahoo Mail overhaul 28-06-2017
Yahoo Mail overhaul 28-06-2017
Jon Gruber s  Daring Fireball  as seen on Livestand.
Jon Gruber's "Daring Fireball" as seen on Livestand.
Bgin MyPage
Bgin MyPage
Yahoo s Livestand is a digital newsstand that publishes personalized content on tablets and mobile p...
Yahoo's Livestand is a digital newsstand that publishes personalized content on tablets and mobile phones.
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This may look like a genuine BT Yahoo! sign-in page  but note the url at the top.
This may look like a genuine BT Yahoo! sign-in page, but note the url at the top.
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The Yahoo booth at the DX3 Conference in Toronto
The Yahoo booth at the DX3 Conference in Toronto
TECH GIANT: Photo shows Alibaba Group headquarters in Hangzhou  China.
TECH GIANT: Photo shows Alibaba Group headquarters in Hangzhou, China.
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Scott Thompson  president of PayPal  is Yahoo s new CEO.
Scott Thompson, president of PayPal, is Yahoo's new CEO.
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Sharing functions when reading an article on Livestand.
Sharing functions when reading an article on Livestand.
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Categories on Livestand.
Categories on Livestand.
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A phishing e-mail; this is NOT from British Telecom or Yahoo!
A phishing e-mail; this is NOT from British Telecom or Yahoo!
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Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale, California
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News section of Livestand.
News section of Livestand.
Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson
Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson
The all-new re-launched Yahoo Messenger  03/12/2015
The all-new re-launched Yahoo Messenger, 03/12/2015
A genuine BT Yahoo! sign in page with the sign-in seal blacked out.
A genuine BT Yahoo! sign in page with the sign-in seal blacked out.

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