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'Everyone started running': Berliner remembers crossing the Wall

Berlin - "Suddenly they opened the gate!" recalled Berliner Andreas Falge, one of the first to cross the East German border into the West on November 9, 1989.Still in wonder 30 years after the epochal event, Falge told AFP: "Everyone started running!

Diplomat's testimony supercharges Trump impeachment probe

Washington - The top US diplomat in Ukraine poured fuel on Donald Trump's impeachment probe Tuesday with a detailed account of how the president pushed Kiev to discredit one of his main political rivals, withholding US military aid to exert pressure.

Muslim former detainee tells of China camp trauma

Istanbul - For Muslims in China's re-education camps, indoctrination starts with early morning patriotic songs and sessions of self-criticism, and often ends with a meal of only pork, according to one exiled former detainee.

Italy probes mystery death of Berlusconi sex trial witness

Rome - Italy is investigating the mysterious death of a former model and witness at Silvio Berlusconi's sex trial, with a newspaper suggesting on Saturday she may have been poisoned with a radioactive substance.

India-Pakistan: Voices of the Partition

New Delhi - This month marks 70 years since British India split into two nations -- Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan -- and millions were uprooted in one of the largest mass migrations in history.

Passers-by flung chairs to stop Hamburg knife attacker

Hamburg - Passers-by gave chase and used makeshift weapons to tackle a knife-wielding man who killed one person and injured six others at a Hamburg supermarket on Friday, witnesses of the chaotic scene said."A crowd of about 30 people ran out of the supermarket....

Review: Katy Perry disappoints on new album — Weakest CD to date Special

Pop superstar Katy Perry has released her new studio album "Witness," and it is by far her weakest studio effort to date.

'Both my eardrums burst': Saint Petersburg metro passenger recalls blast

Sanktpeterburg - When student Vladimir Zakharchenko hopped onto the third carriage of a Saint Petersburg metro train on Monday, he could not have imagined that his daily commute would finish in hospital.

Terror and death: Survivors recount Kabul university attack

Kabul - Her voice quaking with emotion, law student Ghazia recalled the horror of coming face-to-face with a gunman who stormed the American University in Kabul, as her terrified classmates leapt out of second-floor windows to save themselves.

Cyclist who tried to halt Nice rampage driven by 'instinct'

A 31-year-old French crane driver who latched onto the Nice attacker's truck to try halt his murderous rampage -- one of two heroes of the night -- told AFP he acted out of "pure instinct".

AFP photographer describes heartbreak of Nice attack aftermath

Nice - AFP's Valery Hache was one of the first photographers to arrive on the scene of the attack in Nice on Thursday night and he captured striking images of the chaos and the truck, its windscreen riddled with bullet holes.

Motorcyclist crushed trying to stop killer truck

Berlin - A German journalist who witnessed the Nice attack said he saw a motorcyclist chase the killer truck and try to enter the cabin but fall and end up under the wheels.

Survivor struggles to come to terms with Paris tragedy

Paris - As if in a movie, two armed jihadists pulled up in a car next to Damien as the French-Belgian man strolled down the road listening to music on his headphones in a trendy part of Paris.

Survivor details harrowing last moments of Paris hostage siege

Paris - Quivering hostages, burning money and the moans of the wounded: harrowing new eyewitness details from the stand-off at the deadliest scene of the Paris terror attacks emerged Tuesday."Do you hear their cries, their suffering?

Witnesses tell of 'bloodbath' at Paris rock concert

Paris - Terrified survivors from the Paris concert hall targeted in a series of attacks on the French capital late Friday have described fleeing over bodies to hide after gunmen began executing rock fans in a barrage of automatic gunfire.

Witnesses tell of 'bloodbath' at Paris rock concert

Paris - Terrified survivors from the Paris concert hall targeted during Friday's attacks have described running over bodies and hiding after gunmen stormed the venue and began executing rock fans with barrages of automatic gunfire.

Attacker in Paris concert hall shouted 'Allahu akbar', fired into crowd: Witness

Paris - One of the attackers at a Paris concert hall where at least 15 people were killed Friday fired into the crowd shouting "Allahu akbar" (God is greatest), a witness said.

Mladic defence witness died of natural causes: UN court

Den Haag - A defence witness in the genocide and war crimes case of former Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic has died of natural causes, the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal said on Monday.

Ratko Mladić defence witness found dead in Hague hotel

Den Haag - A defence witness in the genocide and war crimes case against former Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic has been found dead in his Hague hotel room, the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal said Thursday.

For Ankara attacks survivor, the nightmare isn't over

Ankara - Bahadir Demircan, 37, a survivor of the double suicide bombing in Ankara, finds it hard to express the horror he experienced and struggles to imagine how he can carry on.

'Give me back my gun,' train attacker pleads with Americans

Paris - A gunman tackled by young Americans on a train between Amsterdam and Paris pleaded with them to hand back his Kalashnikov after they overpowered him, one of the group said.

Ex-US diplomat looks back on 50 years of ties with Cuba

Washington - As the US diplomats headed out to sea, their embassy in Havana closed but still visible on the horizon, the lights in its windows flickered.

Nemtsov murder witness says blocked from leaving Russia

Moscow - The chief witness to the murder of Russian protest leader Boris Nemtsov, a Ukrainian model by his side when he was shot dead, complained Monday of being kept under guard in Moscow.

'I shook his hand': French salesman on run-in with massacre suspect

Paris - For Didier the salesman, a humdrum meeting with a client at a printing business outside of Paris on Friday turned into a run-in with France's most wanted men as he "shook hands" with one of the magazine massacre suspects.

'I couldn't save them': Charlie Hebdo columnist describes aftermath

Paris - An emotional Charlie Hebdo columnist on Thursday described the horrific scene that greeted him after his colleagues were shot dead at the French satirical newspaper's office and said "I couldn't save them".

Taksim Square protester says Turkey's future is uncertain Special

Brian Felsen took part in recent protests in Istanbul, Turkey. The president of CD Baby, regularly visits the country and even lived there for two years. He says via email it's a delicate moment for the country's future.

Saudis injured in Boston marathon bombing cleared of suspicion

Boston - The Saudi embassy in Washington has stated that two of its nationals injured in the Boston marathon bombing have been cleared of suspicion.

Video: 'No one's safe, civilians terrified of war threat' in Gaza

Gaza - Documentary film-maker and activist, Harry Fear is right in the center of Gaza City. RT interviewed him on the current situation with the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Op-Ed: Let 2012 be the year of the witness

Toronto - Stepping up and reporting crime is the only way that a city can become safe in modern times. We shout that we want to live in a safe city but if you see a crime do you make sure the police are aware of it?

Op-Ed: Reporting crime can be a personal dilemma Special

Toronto - Doing the right thing when it comes to reporting a crime you witness can be one of the hardest dilemmas that you face in your life. Would you tell the police what you saw if faced with that question?
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